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Three poems by Abigail Sims May 16, 2024 Poetry On the mat, the body moves, the body sings — like stars. We roll, we write poems, poems poems again, with arms and legs, twisted in sweat. Ribcage "Bilbao" (for Richard Serra) by Damon Hubbs May 9, 2024 Poetry for Richard Serra Structures on the streets demand revisionary ratios. The crisis and breathing of space in motion zeroes and corridors your "Drones Drones Drones" by Aaron Roman May 2, 2024 Poetry Drones drones drones mimic pure tiger code as the soldiers dig their heels in time, ready for forever violence as spider-y explosions line their Review: White Paint Falling Through a Filtered Shaft by Adam Johnson May 2, 2024 Poetry & Criticism Colin Gee reviews the 2022 collection from poet Adam Johnson "Buckskin Jacket." by Noam Hessler May 1, 2024 Poetry I was so young, outside the VFW. There was a drift of snow, outside the VFW, and when I was fifteen I’d lie in that drift spread-eagle, my feathers "Sepulcherality" by Cora Kircher Apr 26, 2024 Poetry I have a good example: it was on Saturday my mother and I picking out grave plots next to each other in the natural burial section of the Rosendale from Saturn Returns by Ashley E Walters Apr 24, 2024 Visual Art & Poetry selections from Walters' mixed-media zine "There is a Flame Called the Endless Night" by Juliette Sandoval Mar 28, 2024 Poetry Even now I know that I have savoured the hot taste of life Lifting green cups and gold at the great feast Just for a small and a forgotten time — Review: Smog Mother by John Wall Barger Mar 27, 2024 Poetry & Criticism a deep dive into Barger's 2023 collection by S.G. Mallett Two poems by Rob Kempton Mar 25, 2024 Poetry "Windfall" and "I Shun You Big Time" "Series in Which My Body is Not My Body" by Arden Stockdell-Giesler Mar 22, 2024 Poetry On my drive home, a rabbit and deer are cradled together on the side of the interstate. The sun set hours ago and it’s just stopped raining so I Two prose poems by Howie Good Mar 21, 2024 Poetry "Shake Before Use" and "From a Dream" "Jubilee" by Damon Hubbs Mar 15, 2024 Poetry after Derek Jarman my gawd, John Dee what do you see lovers, friends, friends of friends & the aristo, the piss factory sky coming to an end Three poems by Kimberly Swendson Mar 13, 2024 Poetry "Plead, Then Calcify", "In a Startling Moment of Clarity, Opus Looks Down, Finds Corpus" & "scena" "Holiday" by Serena Devi Mar 7, 2024 Poetry you are being punished again for vanity and/or frivolity, or, maybe, for throwing a phone at the wall try leaving again. trawl the mind, Two poems by Jordan James Ranft Mar 6, 2024 Poetry "Daily Affirmations" and "What the world needs now" "I Have Never Made More than Seventy Five Dollars" by John Ling Feb 28, 2024 Poetry No one bothered to explain what about my dick is so French New Wave but I am certain that a Shirley Temple consists of one half cherry one half Three poems by Jordan Blanchard Feb 22, 2024 Poetry "Date of Birth," "Polyopia" and "Orbit" Two poems from CUTTING PROMOS by Josh Shepard Feb 19, 2024 Poetry "For U.S. Layoffs" and "For Abundance," from Dusty Rhodes' 1985 Hard Times promo "It Just Feels Good to be Honest" by Carson Jordan Feb 16, 2024 Poetry in winter it’s how well you walk through fire the good you’ve done, good you’ll do the difference between truth and confession is naughtiness god Two prose poems by Tim Frank Feb 15, 2024 Poetry "Drug Me, Please" and "The News Presenter" Two poems by Jasper Kennedy Feb 14, 2024 Poetry "Dogwood Winter" and "See Yourself in Ten Years" Two poems by Casey Harloe Feb 9, 2024 Poetry "Does the Thought of Dying in Cincinnati Make You Depressed?" and "Intimate Horror" "So Below" by Lily Herman Feb 1, 2024 Poetry After dinner, when the wax is ruining the tablecloth and we sit picking at cold Scotch eggs, already lonesome for the feast they followed, we find "Great Plains Sin-Eater Vs. Denimpup Gravelsinger" by Rifke Vatsaas Jan 31, 2024 Poetry Bonny thunderhead o’ seams all up moment caught thirst yr left fist some bundle some thick cottoned faggy clavicle dragged just a inch closer to yr "Pillows in Gomorrah" by Aqeel Parvez Jan 30, 2024 Poetry we carry dreams so long but upon birth they are already eviscerated infants of cot death so death to the cities that kill artists crippled by Two poems by C.R. Colby Jan 26, 2024 Poetry "How to Get Good at World of Warcraft" and "Missouri Dark" Three poems by Joshua Calvano Jan 23, 2024 Poetry the trail of blood leaves a pitter pattered path to the stall door at the sink you pull your teeth out counting dollar after dollar a gurgling mush An Essay on Morgenrede's Abuser by Z.H. Gill Jan 19, 2024 Poetry & Criticism Z.H. Gill on the new book by transgressive poet Morgenrede Three poems by kyrah gomes Jan 17, 2024 Poetry Tell me what to do when green grass nips at your ankles like little beasts. No one at the gas station checks their blind spots, every fat heart "All the group sex I wasn’t invited to" by Jordan Ferensic Jan 16, 2024 Poetry In a house somewhere, someone is getting fucked. A love story is beginning and ending itself, Good Days by SZA plays airily from a phone tipped into Two poems by Mallory Payne Jan 10, 2024 Poetry there’s a cicada on the porch callin’ me back home but i refused to open the glass door and this morning it died belly up in my ashtray drowning in "The What" by FM Stringer Jan 3, 2024 Poetry Carson paraphrases, hell’s as deep as the sun is high You say (or was it me?) and pull another bump Off a house key’s sawtooth end, waxing: Three prose poems by Marcus Silcock Dec 20, 2023 Poetry In Warrington, father sheared sheep. His brother raced greyhounds. They watched John Wayne on the telly. It is hard to imagine now, but the lucky Five poems by Ann Pedone Dec 18, 2023 Poetry Previously I had only seen it in photographs. At exactly 6:30 this morning one of the pilots in the first class lounge stood up on his chair and "Vanquish" by Dorothy Lune Dec 11, 2023 Poetry My torso diced him like crowds of mercy, body as an inhospitable microphone that amplifies colour– take in my open gut, the smell of blood sausages "Rian Pecker has Never Made a Perfect Road" by Gram Hummell Dec 4, 2023 Poetry So much of your life seems to surround Brokering allowances Ascertaining the heights of buildings For the first time They comfortably sit in vision Two girl poems by Anna K. Crooks Nov 20, 2023 Poetry These pieces come from girl poems, Anna’s debut collection and the first volume of the BRUISER Zine series. Preorders for girl poems are open NOW. "Tutto Passa" by Carson Jordan Nov 13, 2023 Poetry it’s a blessing and a curse to be moved by nothing haphazardly, my leasts come of it that night, I call up to the woman with the art deco "Goddess of fire" by Cait Quirk Nov 9, 2023 Poetry When Eve discovered fire, she rubbed her hands together with such force that the bark remnants of tree-climbing leisure ignited with a spark that "Four Men" by Noam Hessler Nov 3, 2023 Poetry Four haiku linked by a vignette Three poems by Jordan Blanchard Oct 23, 2023 Poetry "Saturnian Hunger," "body is not a real thing it is" and "Instructions for Beginning Again After Mental Ruin" "Targeted ads" by Lin Elizabeth Oct 20, 2023 Poetry Expensive jewelry. Dollar hips. Hand necklace. Neon teeth. Dinner dinner. Lunch dinner. Skipped breakfast. Red eyes. Dollar buckets. Pole "Complacency’s in the glove box of the 1959 Chevrolet Impala parked in the deep end of Nabokov’s swimming pool" by Lucas Zhou Oct 17, 2023 Poetry an apocalyptic road trip of a prose poem Two poems by Claire Meniktas Oct 16, 2023 Poetry "Meat Shop" and "tangerine" Two poems by David P. Miller Oct 12, 2023 Poetry "Off the Docket" and "Too Much Fun Up There" "Warm Life" by Kate Ehrenberg Oct 11, 2023 Poetry Suddenly again that golden light bounces from asphalt–reflects flies and rising dust. Shakes off the cat and through the window. A darkened wood "Takeaway" by Lily Herman Oct 10, 2023 Poetry When the man drops my dinner off, He says, Ta, love, and I think, I’ve been waiting my entire life to understand something about myself as good and "narcissus panopticon" by aeon ginsberg Oct 6, 2023 Poetry waif waif waif waif waif if you say something enough it becomes meaningless like something that no one has ever even said before a new kind of "Voiceless" by David Hay Oct 5, 2023 Poetry D1 Good lord, this is a spineless wreck of a man. Worrying but definitely comical Filthy mouth, dirty tongue– Shows an obvious lack of respect for Three prose poems by Tim Frank Oct 3, 2023 Poetry "The Reading Report," "Crucified by the Press" & "Doubles Run Amok" Two poems by Nicholas Barnes Oct 2, 2023 Poetry "j. dean boys" and "their souls could've lifted so high" Three poems by Jenkin Benson Sep 28, 2023 Poetry a truck drove through a kum & go some red some throat drunk off-couth broke gland he pooled pantera tat out the "The More Broken Someone Seems, the More We See Ourselves in Them" by Justin Karcher Sep 25, 2023 Poetry Wrestling is a lot like poetry or should I say poetry is a lot like wrestling, how you start off emulating the greats, young and half-naked in spiral poem by aeon ginsberg Sep 22, 2023 Poetry At a certain point seeing is believing but we hold the holes gifted into our body like children raised or gifted to us in ways that only trauma can gift something. Two poems by Jenna Jaco Sep 21, 2023 Poetry I am coming forward. I admit to having retconned the intent of my famous giant orchid-colored oil pastel scribbles. They are not Connecting To "imagine, if you will, that i am dissociating" by nat raum Sep 13, 2023 Poetry this is disjointed this is fragmented this is coded this is unclear this is called dissociation and if you think i can explain it while caught in "as Sensationism" by evelyn bauer Sep 12, 2023 Poetry devour glut & gormandize something flavorless & grey the ocelots have been franchised & now serve a variety of lukewarm blueberry muffins at Two poems by Rob Kempton Sep 11, 2023 Poetry What we do in the kitchen light dipping in bushes, to stay human: in thrift stores for Marley Marl mixes. Take pills and tchotchkes. Listen for Three poems by Scout Faller Sep 7, 2023 Poetry whatever what the fuck. i’m with rimbaud we don’t give a wut. i go to the beach and i fuck i fuck the beach. okay whatever we’re fighting. every "Shark Poem" by Lexie Mountain Sep 7, 2023 Poetry I put on my good eyebrows for this medically induced two-day coma? Send me to rehab! Our lookbook for this season is the smell of rolling Two wrestling erasures by Josh Shepard Sep 6, 2023 Poetry We bring a level of violence like nobody does. - Jay Briscoe, September 2017 hellsmoke, hellsmoke. question, question. why? i’ll Two poems by Aderet Fishbane Sep 6, 2023 Poetry Three bitches emerge from sleek turf entirely naked, with irrelevant genitals: unborn, promotional, green. Green gonads?! The press is up in "window offerings" by Ceci Webb Aug 30, 2023 Poetry waking life is as thin as the dawn—broken, blue, moon lying in a tattered whole, the light opened and needle-etched onto my eyelids: frailty Two poems by Owen Paul Edwards Aug 28, 2023 Poetry Carrot is the fruit of all vegetable. I am the crab claw of fingerless fishermen, cleaver that married a truck spider. If I remain mediocre in "Meanwhile the Romance of the Chemistry Fizzled Out" by Joshua Martin Aug 22, 2023 Poetry Rip van Wrinkle, the dilated eyes, and the puffy nuisances largely avoided by the masterfully ponderous motion sensors. Rip dreamed of fluff. No Three poems by Eve Young Aug 21, 2023 Poetry My mind seems to be at peace. Red ruby stone, and wild roses begin to bloom on the lower branches of the trellis. They bloom against a dark Three poems by Peter Gutierrez Aug 10, 2023 Poetry lay your hands on the brakes, these eyes, gentle imperatives all the way ’round, do this/ do that, and be sure to order another round for the Two poems by Mike Bagwell Aug 2, 2023 Poetry Small machines look like history. They say ok ok ok and only kind of mean it. Your job is to be consistent with circles. First task: transcribe the "sanguine" by Ryan Aliapoulios Jul 25, 2023 Poetry haunt the final forests outside the compound shrieks glass gutters the modernist "Falsettos" by Israel Okonji Jul 24, 2023 Poetry for Debra he brought her to swim — water is sadomasochistic: the belly of the Three poems by David Hay Jul 18, 2023 Poetry I watch the lilac’s lips Suckle upon the sky, Like a wolf cub, Freezing into starvation. I rest my head on the grass, Tiny thin blades, Like mother Poem by Lin Elizabeth Jul 17, 2023 Poetry The girl who swallowed the hornets nest Opens her swollen lips and Asked if she was going to take the Queens cake Honey you’re the only one I "New and Selected Poems" by Bobby Parrott Jul 10, 2023 Poetry After These Several Cups of Music When you fall in love before starting a herd of Slinkys down the up-escalator, don’t be surprised when the priest Three poems by Rustin Larson Jul 5, 2023 Poetry A shot of vodka and a cup of espresso legs nervous and walking all night past the art galleries, some open some closed with oil portraits of Three poems by Daniel J. Flosi Jun 27, 2023 Poetry the impotence of this or that god / relegated to his or her punishments / and rewards / the sullied you / grope / which requires confidence in need Two poems by David C. Porter Jun 26, 2023 Poetry I live in fear of invisible tripwires being laid in my home– hidden stretched between doorways, in the darkness of long hallways, coming around Poem: "Warlock Feed" by Oli Johns Jun 22, 2023 Poetry The Warlock crash lands at the house of too many copycats who do little but bathe him stretch him heal him stroke him show him pagan ring pagan Two hole poems by Anna K. Crooks Jun 20, 2023 Poetry he has bought an excavator and his thing now is that he has an excavator and his life now is one of excavation he says, “if you want come to Poem: "Officeparks (The Serpent Convinces David Harridan to Sell It All)" by Noam Hessler Jun 15, 2023 Poetry Look at my fiefdom! / “A pale gray tower / Certainly, useless but” / See its beautiful works, / “By the drydock of a dry river, / The gods have all Two poems by aeon ginsberg Jun 14, 2023 Poetry At a certain point seeing is believing but we hold the holes gifted into our body like children raised or gifted to us in ways that only trauma can Poem: "Thank You For Trusting Us" by Salvatore Difalco Jun 13, 2023 Poetry This isn’t getting any easier, I said to myself when I was told once again that I’d won the consolation prize. Had a heap of them steaming in my Poem: "Night Drive" by Dan Leach Jun 12, 2023 Poetry Swing wide, Uncle Pendulum. Carolina’s gone cold, but Florida smiles up ahead like a hospital at midnight. Ride on, Sergeant Nobody. Roll down your Two poems by Jeremy Boyd Jun 8, 2023 Poetry the quaint project of understanding / being and dead are not at odds / hymnself decays, but at least with tenderness / returns a little less gloomy Poem: "Paraphernalia" by Maya Stahler Jun 7, 2023 Poetry my good pantyhose over your head you are breathing inside of my house steam coils up cause tonight I’m boiling my safety razors in old white vinegar Three Poems about a Brain Tumour by R.C. Thomas Jun 1, 2023 Poetry Canada; Vietnam; Papua New Guinea; straw canopy riddled with mosquitoes in Singapore; Peru; up all night circling on the back of a Paso to the Dreams Are My Social Life by Rupert Wondolowski [Baltimore Book Release] May 30, 2023 Poetry Baltimore arts luminary Rupert Wondolowski's new book of poetry launches this week Three Poems by Atsuhi Ikeda May 26, 2023 Poetry You bend, you bend crudity Low string, backbone The water rise and the Gore of it all, this rippling Score, frothing wind My nothing squall. Can Poem: "Cool Blue-Tiled Pools" by Damon Hubbs May 25, 2023 Poetry the rippling boys in cool blue-tiled pools mark passages north to south dreaming of white cargo and goat’s horns. wind is a tuba, heat a brass Poem: "To Be a God" by Brian Austin May 24, 2023 Poetry Push mud without mathematics Sludge, pus All holes overflown With humanity. We came here And brought music Told stories of gods To the rumbling Three poems by Stacy Black May 22, 2023 Poetry I’m a sucker for small towns where something is amiss. Police smiling too much at the children. Parents who aren’t inattentive or self-obsessed do a Poem: "The Parking Lot" by Travis Hoyles May 15, 2023 Poetry Cars with their side-mirrors marred like the ears of practiced grapplers oxidize on naked wheels. Some have been propped-up with bricks or smaller "Poem, With Holes in It" by 月 Duhem May 12, 2023 Poetry When I think about how death might less darkly find its way, I think about the stippled glasses at my favorite café (into which the pertest "A scribble, a letter, a thank you" by David Hay May 10, 2023 Poetry Breath devours breath and silence, the infinity eyed snake of long winters, girdles my throat, raw from so many imagined hangings. A Scarlett web Poem: "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors" by Juliette Sandoval May 5, 2023 Poetry She wages war on the human animal the dirt blessing industrial heaven the weather of utopia is mechanical and spreads my wings and pins me down I Poem: "New Year Same Shit." by Eleanor Ball May 1, 2023 Poetry 1 Even God said, Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. But Caesar and God both have a sketchy concept of ownership. What is more Caesar-like than Poem: "The Badlands" by Juliette Sandoval Apr 26, 2023 Poetry The best of all possible worlds is caught in a war of ideas a maddening mantra a shuddering mantra of discontent The cages shrink between Gaiety and Three poems by James Croal Jackson Apr 19, 2023 Poetry Went to Thursdays with a friend who quit boot camp but hates this bar so left. I am good at waiting in darkness, alone, drinking. Other friends come Two poems by Nate Hoil Apr 10, 2023 Poetry Me and my friends all have places to be, but we all leave our homes at the same time. This traffic jam is made up of all of my friends. Late for the Poetry: "don't waste flares" by Dave K. Apr 5, 2023 Poetry RST rating 1-2-2 i crack open a flare red light splashes across the sand nothing out here but sand and static we could build another ten feet of Two industrial poems by Noam Hessler Apr 3, 2023 Poetry It was by the dock. A sailer, moldering ash, Split in two down the middle. They’d sailed it out across the channel from Essex. Hunting channel Two poems by Stevie Belchak Mar 29, 2023 Poetry Or have I been worshiping suburban propane? Is there something to touching the great muscle of a lip? Will touching it repeatedly make me more Two poems by Keegan Gore Mar 27, 2023 Poetry When you get a chance please reply to the email I sent you last week in which I confessed that I had feelings for your sister the whole time we were Three poems by Francesca Kritikos Mar 22, 2023 Poetry I only search for what I know I won’t find Wash my hands then drink the water I used to watch my body beneath tires My meat wants so badly to be Poem: "The Absorber" by Chadwick Beattie Mar 15, 2023 Poetry I just can’t seem to curb this depression, said my friend Jack. And I know it’s the root cause of the Absorber. The Absorber? You know, that little Prose poem: "Birthdays" by Rob Kempton Mar 13, 2023 Poetry She told me about her bee stings. How every sting was a microcosm of herself. I’d never seen her get stung once, and she’d never brought it up until Prose poem: "beaver dam run or laurel hill" by nat raum Mar 9, 2023 Poetry imagine you are in the teal house in seven springs with the back deck and hot tub and the papered panels of gaudy floral print on off-white, the Three poems by Alex Osman Mar 6, 2023 Poetry This is the site where he drowned Where geriatric paranoia manifested Where childhood boogeymen lurked under rafts Divers’ capillaries were jade Poem: "The Tumbling of Time Like Weeds in the Body" by Logan Roberts Mar 3, 2023 Poetry A variety of fools bolt soup to judgment through a straw, beating a field as exercise. Sweat beads oxidize, a favorable ideology, contorted Poem: "Rock My Laurels" by Carson Jordan Mar 2, 2023 Poetry put your breath back it’s perfectly good enough no big complaints close but no cigar god makes me a vessel for no trust no dents holy tights and a Poem: "brand new super-fund site" by A. Redwood Mar 1, 2023 Poetry for East Palestine, OH driving past the new super-fund site, I note the signage— Pardon Our Dust, Under Review, Coming Soon, DO NOT ENTER— we are Prose Poem: "Gazing at the Ground" by Fortune Amor Feb 27, 2023 Poetry The dagger-toothed moon had scavenged the sun and play-tired hungry children who I confused for ghosts traipsed towards obscure shadows. Distant Three poems by Emily Van Ryn Feb 24, 2023 Poetry She tumble-clunks down the stairs of her rickety house and sits frozen at the bottom. She looks at me, locked and frazzled. Weary. Jaw tight but Review: One Person Holds So Much Silence by David Greenspan Feb 23, 2023 Poetry & Criticism This debut collection by David Greenspan slowly but surely brings into view something — though one cannot say exactly what, at first — about the Three poems by Hana Kobayashi Shapiro Feb 22, 2023 Poetry Step 1: Start with the word, in conversation, but beware, the narrowed branches of the decision tree stoops under some towering stone giant — a Poem: "Zuma Beach (That Face When, That Feel When)" by Z.H. Gill Feb 20, 2023 Poetry HEY! It’s me again, your old sestina’d friend, electric still as always, me that Was the first to find the map to lead me out your eyes, your eyes "Pink Sestina" by Giovanni Feb 17, 2023 Poetry It’s too bad our sun doesn’t go to sleep in Lake Michigan. I’d have reason to spend every evening on the beach. Yesterday, I watched the sunset with Visual Poem: "Choreography for an Apocalypse" by curtis emery Feb 16, 2023 Poetry & Video a poetry performance visualizer written and composed by curtis emery IG: @prosodic_goo/@dthcltsnd Four prose poems by Howie Good Feb 13, 2023 Poetry but find only a crew that parachuted into a Neverland after their plane was shot down last century during World War II…a couple arguing in the Prose poem: "(The Dream Where) I Break His Teeth and He Pays For My Medical Bill" by E.M. Lark Feb 8, 2023 Poetry I am braver there. These bastards do not scare me. Their voices do not crack the foundations of a home I have fought to keep together. Their names Two poems by Phoebe O'Dell Feb 1, 2023 Poetry The uneasiness of My indecisiveness Of rekindling This back and forthness As if the smooth ingest of a rail does sooth I take another shot That Poem: "Simplification of a Dart Gun Tropical Gymnasium" by Joshua Martin Jan 20, 2023 Poetry You grave a conceded forcefield the stock market conceded in the yard of lighter fluid spider brushes spoken like a truly anticlerical autopsy Five tarot poems by Arumandhira Howard Jan 18, 2023 Poetry variety looks like: lying :: :: to the uber driver about my :: :: blood. it’s never about the :: :: wigs matting under the Three Poems by Noam Hessler Jan 13, 2023 Poetry 5 mph 50 miles to anchorage, commute / tainted eyes running toxic / fat caterpillar, / Grub Trucker, / frito-lay logo blaring yellow / white winter Poem: "Kuolema on lehmä (Oui, la mort est une vache), Part I" by Ron Riekki Jan 12, 2023 Poetry Death is a liquor store. What I mean by that is I have hemorrhoids. Is that how you pronounce it? My uncle told me about doing construction and Four poems by Claire Rychlewski Jan 11, 2023 Poetry On honeymoon At the Mall of America Tropical paradise Twin City treasure Pink in the rearview Girlfriend experience Dizzy at the fragrance bar Two Poems by Nate Hoil Jan 9, 2023 Poetry It is good to be here!! And not there, wherever you are. I have alienated myself from civilization by launching myself up into the stars. Anyhoo… Poem: "It Washes Away and then You Find You Are Happy" by Marie Landau Jan 6, 2023 Poetry It was nice to meet your boyfriend but I am unsure about the slope of the driveway it is not easy, requires an emergency break So different Three poems by AN Grace Jan 4, 2023 Poetry Grumble grumble grumble, Grumble grumble grumble, Grumble grumble grumble, Grumble grumble grumble, Grumble grumble grumble, bang. ‘On my demise Poem: "Ode to Storm, Goddess, Thief, Mutant, Queen" by Steven Leyva Dec 19, 2022 Poetry Ororo, Ororo is the palindrome that saved me Born among the misfits 80’s, the too poor to be punk 80’s, I read reprints of Giant Size X-men and Two Prose Poems by Bobby Parrott Dec 16, 2022 Poetry What’s called skipping stones in the U.S. in Russia is called baking pancakes, in Sweden tossing sandwiches, and in the Czech Republic Throwing Poem: "Deliver Us Undamned" by PJ Dominiski Dec 14, 2022 Poetry Another night of negotiation leaves the left-hand path gored clear, to where the willows laugh, where undead cadres wage people’s war on warm-bodied Three prose poems by Howie Good Dec 9, 2022 Poetry No one I ask wants to talk about it or so much as acknowledge that it exists, advancing without letup in all directions, the whole heaving, seething Four prose poems by David Hay Dec 7, 2022 Poetry There is a heaven in the tears of fruitful sins. Sunken dreams, so full of a living death, wash against my irises. The haloed trumpets sing of the Three poems by Ian Stratton Dec 2, 2022 Poetry Whoever is on the mattress living or dead must not be addressed as such The body bears against the springs and the springs rebuff the body Two poems by Italo Ferrante Nov 30, 2022 Poetry check / the crust of a hourglass planet / focus / an Hubble’s eye view of a hangnail / the sunspots on my back / you ogle mechanically / rather than Three poems by Lindsay Raspi Nov 28, 2022 Poetry An animal not really yours wolf pawing I thought she sent you she sent me what it gnaws to be gone. We were mutilating expensive food tell me what’s Poem: "Arcadia" by J.R. Barner Nov 23, 2022 Poetry Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori - Virgil, Eclogues It was called Arcadia. At least that was what the voice on the other end of the phone Three poems by Arumandhira Howard Nov 18, 2022 Poetry All that was and is and will be— I reject. I rebuke. To have my love follow you on a plane somewhere and have its body come back to me. Poem: "Celebrate Your Transition Into A Lot" by Suzanne Doogan Nov 10, 2022 Poetry In my dream I was the wink That shot past you Just me and my gosh! Happy after our future Because I would also like 50 peaches Proudly endorse the Three poems by Hayden Church Nov 7, 2022 Poetry There is a likeness of his birth as a bull in a China shop. Peking ducks flew from their conditions. If he would have thought of these Three prose poems by William Doreski Nov 4, 2022 Poetry At the pneumatic zoo of synthesis, animals explode into other animals. Sometimes they exchange themselves one-to-one. Sometimes they form whole Poem: "I CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER" by Kate Zeyger Nov 3, 2022 Poetry I CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER I scream into my space helmet. I’m not in space, of course But they’ll let you buy a spacesuit even if you’re Not an Two Poems by Stephen Mead Nov 1, 2022 Poetry “Remain estranged,” advised the albino angel glowing in the dark with candle-perfection for the longest knight of knives yet, her beautifully Poem: "Hanyatlásvég (The End of Decay)" by László Aranyi Oct 27, 2022 Poetry Fancsali pofával hanyatt dől. A merev, hűvös tapintású, örökké gyűrődő műanyagfólián. Viaszbábú, nyolc hústűt Two Poems by Nicholas Barnes Oct 24, 2022 Poetry i can see san cristóbal through candles pleasing phosphor match broomsticks and clouds of champa, clear as blackboard shadows. whoa horsie, can’t Two Poems by Gabriella Garofalo Oct 19, 2022 Poetry Let’s call it a day, shall we, as we’ve been traipsing From waves to clouds, from clouds to waves, Among weeds, and a fire fearing the waves, That Three poems by Joshua Atticus Davis Oct 12, 2022 Poetry kickflip into my heart kiss the gap between us you are so brave you are an angel sent from heaven to shred to enlighten us all on earth a blessing Three Prose Poems by Howie Good Oct 7, 2022 Poetry There was nothing I could do. I was under a car, sheltering from the debris raining down, bricks and glass and chunks of concrete. Until that Poems: Macabre 1-3 by N. Flaherty Kimball Sep 30, 2022 Poetry A dark, surreal series Poem: "Dream Journal of the Arctic Fox" by Damon Hubbs Sep 29, 2022 Poetry Above, the flying machine / wing tracks span between rowan and birch / maintaining territory / new expansion / the steel-trap beak a golden ratio Poem: "Ball[r]oom(n)" by Damon Hubbs Sep 27, 2022 Poetry The palazzo features a balloon room with a thirty-foot high frescoed ceiling. The interplay of mass and void due to a lack of balloons or because of Poem: "professional gastropod" by Leah Mueller Sep 26, 2022 Poetry the slug won the half-marathon by a hair’s breadth. his muscles pumped like pistons, as he escaped each hoe and boot heel. nearing the finish line Poem: "Each voice The tenth [of a] $" by Joshua Martin Sep 8, 2022 Poetry maintain photomontage fingernail clippings. until SALTY structure to maintain ruined wavelength / [in] righteous [of hampers] monocle [accoutrement] Poem: "Mind Muscle and The Two Romance System." by Lish Ciambrone Sep 7, 2022 Poetry Sisyphus isn’t happy he isn’t feeling anything at all not at the moment. Over the years he’s turned his thoughts to marriage each neuron tied one to Poem: "Regardless of an ode,,to whistle diagonally [parachute]" by Joshua Martin Sep 6, 2022 Poetry (shower) , , , , , , , , , , , , , , balloon CONNECTING forms obscure sometimes furniture jelly anarchist luck/lost . . . . fOUnD , , , , TV Poem: "Stuck in a White Spotlight Gallery, Deserted, the Raging Plague outside a Wasteland" by Gram Hummell Sep 1, 2022 Poetry Dream arose out of void Vantablack Sounds arise out of vibrating silence, from where it shivers and slowly picks up The orange dusked air carries Poem: "Monolith made of black paper mâché" by Gram Hummell Aug 30, 2022 Poetry Fanged salts stretch endlessly and forever Pierced veil, no it was rent— (You and I tore it) Crystaline gypsum white, the indigo shrouded Sky hangs Poem: "Bunny Rabbit" by Hayden Church Aug 23, 2022 Poetry Finger split down to my bone My bone juts irresponsible Wrong colors, my bones out Try telling a nurse all about it She’ll tell me, “Why can’t the Poem: "Sacred Vibes" by Aniket Sanyal Aug 23, 2022 Poetry Too hard a heart, for the profundity of a prolonged lightning rod Of darkness-drenched bestial blessings Take two Tuesday evenings, for the pain, Poem: Untitled by Jeremy Boyd Aug 19, 2022 Poetry build that uselessness big and intricate so fine and deep that scale of witness is broken by balance there will be concrete for thee end inbedded Poem: "Knowing the Mouse Might One Day Leave Its Hole and Get the Cheese...It Fills You with Determination" by J. Bailey Hutchinson Aug 19, 2022 Poetry I think I wanted it to be weirder than the sun wouldn’t look at me & so I dreaded every dark morning. Hoped for a goat bone, ichor-whorled; or Poem: "Passes to His Reward" by William Fargason Aug 19, 2022 Poetry Erasure of my third-great grandfather’s obituary, published in the Henry County Weekly on November 27, 1903 he breathed his Poem: "Deception" by Jeremy Boyd Aug 17, 2022 Poetry second guessing illusion is learning weird is good but descriptive is better Twitter: @sp1it Instagram: @sp1it Poem: "Playfully Crinkling through the Leaves Fills You with Determination" by J. Bailey Hutchinson Aug 17, 2022 Poetry Out on that not-acre-or-so, we build a fire & answer no calls save the goose, the owl, the scarlet tanager. Me thumbing a beertab, you echoing an Poem: "Deep End Sonnet" by William Fargason Aug 17, 2022 Poetry I do not know how to say this any way other than I do not enjoy being alive each time I dove from the high dive into the deep end Poem: "Going 30" by Jeremy Boyd Aug 15, 2022 Poetry you are always talking to someone even if they’re not present or a chrome-faced apparition assembled in your digital living room for the sake of Poem: "The Shadow of the Ruins Looms above, Filling You with Determination" by J. Bailey Hutchinson Aug 15, 2022 Poetry My sister ’s stonecrop pales into its neighbor ’s trough, which means it wants more than I ’ve given it, or enough of what I have. Softrot in the Poem: "When the Telemarketer Calls" by William Fargason Aug 15, 2022 Poetry I tell them the person they’re trying to reach has died and this person of course is me and I’m much to my own dismay not dead but I lie to the