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"Heart to Heart" by Nam Hoang Tran Jul 13, 2023 Video a short video piece about bikes, Mormons and parenting Review: MINCE'S CANE VHS by Science Man Apr 18, 2023 Music & Video a blistering cinematic experience from the Buffalo punks Music Video: "The Moth" by Mucho Mungo (video by WJ.AV) Mar 24, 2023 Music & Video Music video created by Baltimore video artist WJ.AV for “The Moth,” a 9-minute experimental piece by the Spanish psych band Mucho Mungo. “We made Visual Poem: "Choreography for an Apocalypse" by curtis emery Feb 16, 2023 Poetry & Video a poetry performance visualizer written and composed by curtis emery IG: @prosodic_goo/@dthcltsnd Video: "Pack Up Every Piece" by Nick Vyssotsky Sep 16, 2022 Video IG: @nick_v.yssotsky Video: "Burning Flowers (Behind the Castle, in the Shadow of the Pyramid, Under the Lake)" by Jake Winstanley Aug 18, 2022 Video Fully analog hardware composite from homemade feedback and found video captured directly. Videonics MX-1, Panasonic WJ-MX20, Edirol V-4, dirty Film: "Munco's Bad Fur Day" by Nicky Otis Smith Aug 16, 2022 Video Starring Corey Cantaloupe Featuring: Alexandra Rizk Melissa Marloth Kaleb Baerresen Colin Zweifel Graham Pearson Chad Beattie Joe Galarraga Austin