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Sculpting Golems and Fog Machines Working Overtime: Interview with Anna Krivolapova, Author of Incurable Graphomania Sep 18, 2023 Interviews In a Goodreads review of Incurable Graphomania by Anna Krivolapova I compared her to “Patricia Highsmith with an up-to-date pharmacology textbook Like Ideas, or Birds in Hell: an interview with David Kuhnlein Jun 6, 2023 Interviews Author David Kuhnlein talks with Jesse Hilson about art, pain, criticism and his new sci-fi novel Jamie Stewart in Conversation with Kelly Xio [Alive at the Same Time] Apr 28, 2023 Interviews After a week of bad news—and it was only Tuesday—I found myself on a beautiful spring day slugging my way through Washington, DC, my spine An Exercise in New American Art: Interview with Apocalypse Confidential Books editor Will Waltz Apr 21, 2023 Interviews At some point in BRUISER’s early days, we connected with the crew of young editors who run the like-minded online mag Apocalypse Confidential, a Old Man/Young Boy: An Interview with Pro Wrestler Dan Guiterrez Apr 12, 2023 Interviews Baltimore 's own Madison Coan finally gets a pro wrestler to answer all her burning questions Interview with Kinsey Matthews of Sleepy Sword [Alive at the Same Time] Apr 6, 2023 Interviews Kelly Xio catches up with Kinsey Matthews about his return to Baltimore, writing songs during the pandemic, and his forthcoming album. A Valentine's Day Interview with Muscle by Kelly Xio Mar 10, 2023 Interviews My first interview for BRUISER features the band Muscle from Baltimore, MD. I meet Muscle on a rainy Valentine’s evening and we are blurry eyed — Interview: Matthew Byars of Attorneys General and Essential Tremors Oct 24, 2022 Interviews Toward the end of September an interesting message turned up in the BRUISER submissions: an invitation to check out a couple of upcoming