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from Saturn Returns by Ashley E Walters Apr 24, 2024 Visual Art & Poetry selections from Walters' mixed-media zine Distorted Transmissions: an Interview with Baltimore Painter Marybeth Chew Jan 24, 2024 Visual Art & Interviews Jess Bither talks with Marybeth Chew about process, play and movies. Return to Sender by Nam Hoang Tran Jan 19, 2024 Visual Art a 21-image series Two photos by Paige McGill Nov 30, 2023 Visual Art IG: @paigemcgilll All This Time You Thought I Was Good: Devin Lunsford and Mark Wadley in Collaboration Oct 30, 2023 Visual Art & Interviews Notes on photography and the grotesque from a long drive along the back roads to Sand Mountain, Alabama "Under the Influence" by bedfordtowers Oct 24, 2023 Visual Art NYC film photo series Selections from "Burden of Protection" by Cole Wheeler Oct 5, 2023 Visual Art “Burden of Protection” is a 19-image series examining the frailty of life and space and how it can be protected or neglected. The complete series is "I Knew You When You Aspired to the Biologic Imagination" by Juliette Sandoval Sep 15, 2023 Visual Art a new photo series from BRUISER's resident meteorologist from "In Between Snow and Blossom" by Jacelyn Yap Sep 13, 2023 Visual Art IG: @jacelyn.makes.stuff "Ham Salad" by KNOX Aug 17, 2023 Visual Art IG: @dirtattraction "Hang On To Your Ego" by Juliette Sandoval Jul 28, 2023 Visual Art I know there’s an answer. If you follow the road, it will lead you to the land of no return. I’ve had my dreams, which culminate in the birdhouse Image series: Love Notes by Evangeline Gallagher Feb 23, 2023 Visual Art IG: @evangelinegallagher Twitter: @egallagher_art Image Series: Selections from Pixelated Concrete by Jared Nagel Feb 2, 2023 Visual Art Illustrator Jared Nagel's renderings of brutalist buildings Image Series: Tunnel Story by EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Jan 27, 2023 Visual Art a narrative collage series by the shadowy EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Artworks by Lauren Barbour Dec 8, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Art: "John Brown" by KNOX Dec 5, 2022 Visual Art @dirtattraction Triptych: "Omnipotence" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 25, 2022 Visual Art Pen, ink and collage on paper IG: @j_sh0e Image: "I fell down and hurt my head again, now I don't believe in words" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 20, 2022 Visual Art IG: @j_sh0e Image: "Full Spectrum Dominance" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 18, 2022 Visual Art IG: @j_sh0e Collage: "www ww" by Anthony Santulli Oct 14, 2022 Visual Art IG: @anthonysantulli Twitter: @cashtulli Image Series: "Flux" by Fabio Sassi Sep 28, 2022 Visual Art Portfolio: https://fabiosassi.foliohd.com Collage: "Sun Break" by David Van Sep 23, 2022 Visual Art @davidvan____ Collage: "Open Head" by David Van Sep 21, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Collage: "We're a Puzzle" by David Van Sep 19, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Mixed Media: "Abolish" by Lauren Barbour and KNOX Sep 16, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd | @dirtattraction Collage: "Say Less" by David Van Sep 15, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Monotype series by Lauren Barbour Sep 14, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Collage: "Another Another Green World" by David Van Sep 13, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Screenprint: "Looking Through" by Lauren Barbour Sep 12, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Collage: "Skulls of Acrylic Thought" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 9, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Collage: "Nine of Swords" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 7, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Collage: "Void Flowers" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 5, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Photo Series: "El Golpe Avisa" by Andrés Pérez Samayoa Sep 1, 2022 Visual Art El golpe avisa, cuando vamos a caer no nos damos cuenta hasta que golpeamos, que nos damos en la cara contra el piso y vemos hasta donde hemos Painting: "3-Minute Idol" by Keagan Aug 30, 2022 Visual Art IG: @keagandfault Painting: "SEE what we did" by Ariel Claborn Aug 26, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Painting: "The conglomerate pulled the world card" by Ariel Claborn Aug 24, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Type poem by Nilam Sari Aug 23, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @shrimpshellfish Painting: "Some forms taken when confronting a power grab and the colors that defy it" by Ariel Claborn Aug 22, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Image Series: "Rambo" by Jeshua Schuster Aug 18, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @j_sh0e Photo Series: "When We Break How We Shine" by Devin Lunsford Aug 16, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @devinluns