Visual Art

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Image Series: Selections from Pixelated Concrete by Jared Nagel Feb 2, 2023 Visual Art Illustrator Jared Nagel's renderings of brutalist buildings Image Series: Tunnel Story by EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Jan 27, 2023 Visual Art a narrative collage series by the shadowy EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Artworks by Lauren Barbour Dec 8, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Art: "John Brown" by KNOX Dec 5, 2022 Visual Art @dirtattraction Triptych: "Omnipotence" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 25, 2022 Visual Art Pen, ink and collage on paper IG: @j_sh0e Image: "I fell down and hurt my head again, now I don't believe in words" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 20, 2022 Visual Art IG: @j_sh0e Image: "Full Spectrum Dominance" by Jeshua Schuster Oct 18, 2022 Visual Art IG: @j_sh0e Collage: "www ww" by Anthony Santulli Oct 14, 2022 Visual Art IG: @anthonysantulli Twitter: @cashtulli Image Series: "Flux" by Fabio Sassi Sep 28, 2022 Visual Art Portfolio: https://fabiosassi.foliohd.com Collage: "Sun Break" by David Van Sep 23, 2022 Visual Art @davidvan____ Collage: "Open Head" by David Van Sep 21, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Collage: "We're a Puzzle" by David Van Sep 19, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Mixed Media: "Abolish" by Lauren Barbour and KNOX Sep 16, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd | @dirtattraction Collage: "Say Less" by David Van Sep 15, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Monotype series by Lauren Barbour Sep 14, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Collage: "Another Another Green World" by David Van Sep 13, 2022 Visual Art IG: @davidvan____ Screenprint: "Looking Through" by Lauren Barbour Sep 12, 2022 Visual Art IG: @touchmbd Collage: "Skulls of Acrylic Thought" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 9, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Collage: "Nine of Swords" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 7, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Collage: "Void Flowers" by Austyn Sullivan Sep 5, 2022 Visual Art IG: @austyn_sullivan_art Photo Series: "El Golpe Avisa" by Andrés Pérez Samayoa Sep 1, 2022 Visual Art El golpe avisa, cuando vamos a caer no nos damos cuenta hasta que golpeamos, que nos damos en la cara contra el piso y vemos hasta donde hemos Painting: "3-Minute Idol" by Keagan Aug 30, 2022 Visual Art IG: @keagandfault Painting: "SEE what we did" by Ariel Claborn Aug 26, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Painting: "The conglomerate pulled the world card" by Ariel Claborn Aug 24, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Type poem by Nilam Sari Aug 23, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @shrimpshellfish Painting: "Some forms taken when confronting a power grab and the colors that defy it" by Ariel Claborn Aug 22, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @ethereal_goo Image Series: "Rambo" by Jeshua Schuster Aug 18, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @j_sh0e Photo Series: "When We Break How We Shine" by Devin Lunsford Aug 16, 2022 Visual Art Instagram: @devinluns