Poem: "Paraphernalia" by Maya Stahler my good pantyhose over your head you are breathing inside of my house steam coils up cause tonight I’m boiling my safety razors in old white vinegar Jun 7, 2023 Poetry
Poem: "Paraphernalia" by Maya Stahler Jun 7, 2023 Poetry my good pantyhose over your head you are breathing inside of my house steam coils up cause tonight I’m boiling my safety razors in old white vinegar "The Campland Guide to Pack Fitting: 8 Easy Steps" by Kent Kosack Jun 6, 2023 Fiction On Saturday mornings Elise watches the customers swamp Campland, pouring off Route 17, into the parking lot, out of their cars, and into the store, Like Ideas, or Birds in Hell: an interview with David Kuhnlein Jun 6, 2023 Interviews Author David Kuhnlein talks with Jesse Hilson about art, pain, criticism and his new sci-fi novel "Installations: The Delivery" by Terence Hannum Jun 5, 2023 Fiction from an ongoing series, previous pieces published in Vice, Queen Mob’s TeaHouse Tall Loblolly pines tower above the streets of Homeland, their Confessions of an Authorized Schriftsteller [Alternative Currents] Jun 2, 2023 Columns In his first column for BRUISER, Thomas Huntington lays out his plans for a series on history's artists working on the fringe and the creative life of Berlin Three Poems about a Brain Tumour by R.C. Thomas Jun 1, 2023 Poetry Canada; Vietnam; Papua New Guinea; straw canopy riddled with mosquitoes in Singapore; Peru; up all night circling on the back of a Paso to the Fiction: "Peanut Butter Milkshake" by Matt Lee May 31, 2023 Fiction From outside, the gallery’s innocuous facade made the building appear abandoned. Brown butcher paper pasted over the windows blocked anyone from Dreams Are My Social Life by Rupert Wondolowski [Baltimore Book Release] May 30, 2023 Poetry Baltimore arts luminary Rupert Wondolowski's new book of poetry launches this week Loners Club: A History in Three (or Four) Shows [Anything for a Weird Life] May 30, 2023 Columns Tim wraps up Series 1 with a retrospective on one of Baltimore's many short-lived but vital show spaces. Three Poems by Atsuhi Ikeda May 26, 2023 Poetry You bend, you bend crudity Low string, backbone The water rise and the Gore of it all, this rippling Score, frothing wind My nothing squall. Can Poem: "Cool Blue-Tiled Pools" by Damon Hubbs May 25, 2023 Poetry the rippling boys in cool blue-tiled pools mark passages north to south dreaming of white cargo and goat’s horns. wind is a tuba, heat a brass Poem: "To Be a God" by Brian Austin May 24, 2023 Poetry Push mud without mathematics Sludge, pus All holes overflown With humanity. We came here And brought music Told stories of gods To the rumbling Time to Say Goodbye for the Summer [Anything For a Weird Life] May 23, 2023 Columns I was eating Indian buffet with some old friends when the topic of this column came up. I broke the news. The last column in “series one” will be Three poems by Stacy Black May 22, 2023 Poetry I’m a sucker for small towns where something is amiss. Police smiling too much at the children. Parents who aren’t inattentive or self-obsessed do a Fiction: "i've got the worry" by Tony Rauch May 17, 2023 Fiction “You’ve got the worry,” the nurse looks down on me with a grim expression. “I’ve got the worry?” I repeat, but just to myself. “I’ve got the worry,” How Not to Go to Shows [Anything for a Weird Life] May 16, 2023 Columns Tim reviews the proper way to take a rain check Poem: "The Parking Lot" by Travis Hoyles May 15, 2023 Poetry Cars with their side-mirrors marred like the ears of practiced grapplers oxidize on naked wheels. Some have been propped-up with bricks or smaller "Poem, With Holes in It" by 月 Duhem May 12, 2023 Poetry When I think about how death might less darkly find its way, I think about the stippled glasses at my favorite café (into which the pertest Fiction: "Paul, Standing by at Standing Rock" by Matt Gillick May 11, 2023 Fiction Tribesmen of brown, white, black, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Apache, and other persuasions meet the bulldozers and foaming hounds of Standing Rock, North "A scribble, a letter, a thank you" by David Hay May 10, 2023 Poetry Breath devours breath and silence, the infinity eyed snake of long winters, girdles my throat, raw from so many imagined hangings. A Scarlett web
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