Three poems by Ian Stratton Whoever is on the mattress living or dead must not be addressed as such The body bears against the springs and the springs rebuff the body Dec 2, 2022
Three poems by Ian Stratton Dec 2, 2022 Whoever is on the mattress living or dead must not be addressed as such The body bears against the springs and the springs rebuff the body Attic Room by Small Sur [Baltimore Sound Document] Dec 1, 2022 In this new section, BRUISER will feature new music releases from Baltimore artists. Fiction: "Dots" by Alex Antiuk Dec 1, 2022 I knew at any moment during lunch I could be pushed by the wind, or slip getting back up, and that would be that. I actually didn’t mind the Two poems by Italo Ferrante Nov 30, 2022 check / the crust of a hourglass planet / focus / an Hubble’s eye view of a hangnail / the sunspots on my back / you ogle mechanically / rather than Thrift Store Record Reviews [Anything for a Weird Life] Nov 29, 2022 If you would like your release to be reviewed by Tim Kabara, donate it to a local thrift store. Three poems by Lindsay Raspi Nov 28, 2022 An animal not really yours wolf pawing I thought she sent you she sent me what it gnaws to be gone. We were mutilating expensive food tell me what’s Poem: "Arcadia" by J.R. Barner Nov 23, 2022 Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori - Virgil, Eclogues It was called Arcadia. At least that was what the voice on the other end of the phone The Nowhere Feeling of Holidays [Anything for a Weird Life] Nov 22, 2022 Tim Kabara ruminates on the Baltimore DIY scene's holiday season "The BRUISER Staff and All Their Special Sticks" by Z.H. Gill (LA Loser) Nov 21, 2022 BRUISER M. makes a graphic for the poem “Resurrected Concrete” by Z.H. Gill. BRUISER M. posts the poem “Resurrected Concrete” by Z.H. Gill, along Three poems by Arumandhira Howard Nov 18, 2022 All that was and is and will be— I reject. I rebuke. To have my love follow you on a plane somewhere and have its body come back to me. Fiction: "Uncle Simms" by Sy Holmes Nov 17, 2022 My Uncle Simms lives alone out in the country. My Uncle Simms doesn’t drink, but he smokes. Uncle Simms went to correspondence bible college. I Letter of Recommendation: Suzanne Doogan [Anything for a Weird Life] Nov 15, 2022 Tim Kabara sends up Baltimore poet, musician, artist, and quality human Suzanne Doogan "What Godot Forgot" by Erwin Dink Nov 14, 2022 Show, sitting on a low fly, hurts trying to gone off his ground, ditch hurt at it with both. ESTRAGON panting Moment peers up, you know. Tries hard Fiction: "St. Thomas Memory Care Facility" by Sean Ogilvy Nov 11, 2022 The bridge of Walter’s nose is terminally scarred and bleeding from where his glasses have cut him after walking into his door each morning. Every Poem: "Celebrate Your Transition Into A Lot" by Suzanne Doogan Nov 10, 2022 In my dream I was the wink That shot past you Just me and my gosh! Happy after our future Because I would also like 50 peaches Proudly endorse the Essay: "The International Sad Players Anthem" by Kelly Xio Nov 9, 2022 I’ll be very honest with you. Keep it very 100. I’m chemically, botanically, deeply Spotify radio of songs that sound like Mitski’s-“I Bet On Losing Anything for a Weird Life: "Why I Go to Shows" by Tim Kabara Nov 8, 2022 Baltimore music scene fixture Tim Kabara introduces his new column for BRUISER. Three poems by Hayden Church Nov 7, 2022 There is a likeness of his birth as a bull in a China shop. Peking ducks flew from their conditions. If he would have thought of these Three prose poems by William Doreski Nov 4, 2022 At the pneumatic zoo of synthesis, animals explode into other animals. Sometimes they exchange themselves one-to-one. Sometimes they form whole Poem: "I CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER" by Kate Zeyger Nov 3, 2022 I CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER I scream into my space helmet. I’m not in space, of course But they’ll let you buy a spacesuit even if you’re Not an
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