BRUISER ZINE 005: Foul Black Rookeries by David Simmons

BRUISER ZINE 004: Saturn Returns by Ashley E Walters

BRUISER ZINE 003: Founders' Day by Arzhang Zafar

BRUISER ZINE 002: Cutting Promos by Josh Shepard

New Zines for 2024

REEK by Rayna Perry The man behind the convenience store counter took all of fifteen seconds to find and scan the barcode on Stevie’s bottle of Mello Yello, waving it Jul 11, 2024 Fiction
REEK by Rayna Perry Jul 11, 2024 Fiction The man behind the convenience store counter took all of fifteen seconds to find and scan the barcode on Stevie’s bottle of Mello Yello, waving it FIVE FRAGMENTS by Tim Frank Jul 10, 2024 Fiction #1 Say farewell in a coffin of law. Reluctance to comply will lead to a wiretap crash, swooping like a dream in a blender. #2 Trust no one but the Two poems by Isaac James Richards Jul 9, 2024 Poetry "In Tennis, Love Means Nothing" & "Rodin in the Park" TCHOTCHKES by Gabriel Campos Jun 28, 2024 Poetry I am in no hurry to dream When my waking breaths are precious. Here are the dimensions of my anchorage: i. Calacatta marble, with idillio streaks THE OGRE OF CASCADING ACRES by Danny Anderson Jun 27, 2024 Fiction On the side of a mountain, at the southern edge of town, we built a shopping plaza, knowing damn well that an ogre lived in those hills. If, years THE BOX CONTAINING GOD by Jordan Ferensic Jun 26, 2024 Poetry After Anna K. Crooks You don’t hear people say no offense, but… much anymore you don’t see people rub their tummy in a circular motion to AN UNSPOOLING OF GLASS SELVAGE by Daniel Dykiel Jun 26, 2024 Fiction In deep dreams sink the crater-lake that doesn’t drown. The us that sinks is Gregor Valentine. He falls cylindrically, space darker than space. He GREAT PLAINS SIN-EATER DROPS THE GLOVES by Rifke Vatsaas Jun 25, 2024 Poetry Whitefloat beneath my feet skate by n a blinkofaturn, hip droppd, semicircle carvr n I’m aftr ’em shovl in the VOLTA (FOR BAUDELAIRE) by Noah Rymer Jun 20, 2024 Poetry (for Baudelaire) the days go by screaming like madmen with axes cockroaches pinned pirouetting feeble legs overturned life opens her languorous 13 ANGELS BEAT YOUR ASS TILL YOUR ASS STARTS TO LOOK LIKE A FLOPPY SACK by Tyler Dempsey Jun 18, 2024 Fiction The angel reaches in my coat in a crack between the buttons of my shirt into a scab I haven’t stopped picking into the interveinal meat separating NIAGARA by Juliette Sandoval Jun 14, 2024 Poetry The fog rolls over me I’ve changed a hundred times I’ll change a hundred times more The dream itself was wet and foggy dew clung to me at the base TO MAKE OF THEE A NAME by Andrew Buckner Jun 13, 2024 Fiction “Andrew Buckner is a hack,” the voice of one bee exploded in my brain. “He has to be the most overrated writer, if you can even call him that, of all time.” Two poems by Jessica Heron Jun 12, 2024 Poetry "normal life is lossy" & "the thin veil" "Grocery Outlet" by Lisa Loop Jun 11, 2024 Poetry I saw Shakespeare’s sister outside the Gross Out She was selling cassette tapes from bands I’d never heard of Nursing a baby wrapped in bright "Gatorbear" by John Biron Jun 7, 2024 Fiction Him was laid up behind the shed in a big white box diamond shaped too bright to blinding when the sun hits on it just so barely fitting him in Interview: Skizz Cyzyk on Baltimore Filmmaking and the Mansion Theater Jun 6, 2024 Interviews Alex Lei interviews Skizz Cyzyk, filmmaker and MicroCineFest programmer, on the history of the Mansion Theater, a DIY film space that existed in Baltimore from 1993-1998 "On Time" by Hanna Webster Jun 5, 2024 Poetry Her hourglass figure assaults me at daybreak, curves so statuesque I think I wanna be her. First breath to the grinding scream of creation. "Only the Most Neutral Executioners" by GRSTALT Comms Jun 4, 2024 Poetry we’re tithing & mining | forever scraping toward omniscience | a wide sun smiles on our exertions | a garden filled with the bones of the various Poems for Clara Peller by Ella Wisniewski May 31, 2024 Poetry Where's the Beef? "I've Got a Fake I.D. from Nevada and No Name" by Max Stone May 29, 2024 Poetry I’m walking uptown to the ritz bar and lounge a strange fog draped over the buildings like fuzzy orange curtains. dead phone and no dance moves,
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