Music Video: "The Moth" by Mucho Mungo (video by WJ.AV) Music video created by Baltimore video artist WJ.AV for “The Moth,” a 9-minute experimental piece by the Spanish psych band Mucho Mungo. “We made Mar 24, 2023 Music & Video
Music Video: "The Moth" by Mucho Mungo (video by WJ.AV) Mar 24, 2023 Music & Video Music video created by Baltimore video artist WJ.AV for “The Moth,” a 9-minute experimental piece by the Spanish psych band Mucho Mungo. “We made Fiction: "Yalobusha County Idyll" by Sean Ennis Mar 23, 2023 Fiction It’s that time of year where I cut myself with the knives I got for Christmas. By accident. As gifts. It’s early baseball season. I hear Three poems by Francesca Kritikos Mar 22, 2023 Poetry I only search for what I know I won’t find Wash my hands then drink the water I used to watch my body beneath tires My meat wants so badly to be Leaves Turn Inside You: Seeing Unwound Live 1993-2023 [Anything for a Weird Life] Mar 21, 2023 Columns The flyer came in the mail. Universal Order of Armageddon was playing with some band called Unwound in the basement of the 169 house on Friday, July Fiction: "An Evening in the Summer" by Anna Louise Steig Mar 20, 2023 Fiction Out from the corner of my lazy sagging eye, I am watching in silence as a man below is stalking his prey. He is slinking down the desolate sidewalk Fiction: "Epiphenomenon" by J. Billings Mar 17, 2023 Fiction I’m on the way back to my hotel in downtown Philadelphia and I notice him immediately as he turns out of a dirty corner bar on the other side of the Video "Planet" by Greg Hatem [Baltimore Sound Document] Mar 16, 2023 Music BRUISER is excited to premiere the music video for Baltimore musician Greg Hatem’s “Planet,” the first single from his forthcoming album, Sure Poem: "The Absorber" by Chadwick Beattie Mar 15, 2023 Poetry I just can’t seem to curb this depression, said my friend Jack. And I know it’s the root cause of the Absorber. The Absorber? You know, that little Underground Show FAQ [Anything for a Weird Life] Mar 14, 2023 Columns So you’re decided to go to a show at a non-traditional venue in the Baltimore underground. Great! Here are some of the questions you may have. Prose poem: "Birthdays" by Rob Kempton Mar 13, 2023 Poetry She told me about her bee stings. How every sting was a microcosm of herself. I’d never seen her get stung once, and she’d never brought it up until A Valentine's Day Interview with Muscle by Kelly Xio Mar 10, 2023 Music My first interview for BRUISER features the band Muscle from Baltimore, MD. I meet Muscle on a rainy Valentine’s evening and we are blurry eyed — Prose poem: "beaver dam run or laurel hill" by nat raum Mar 9, 2023 Poetry imagine you are in the teal house in seven springs with the back deck and hot tub and the papered panels of gaudy floral print on off-white, the Nonfiction: "Yelp Review of My Father's Funeral" Mar 8, 2023 Nonfiction Why not talk about his hands? The way the coarse black hairs on his fingers curled around his deeply creased knuckles? They were strong hands. Found Sound Reviews [Anything for a Weird Life] Mar 7, 2023 Columns If you would like your release to be reviewed by Tim Kabara, donate it to your local thrift store. Three poems by Alex Osman Mar 6, 2023 Poetry This is the site where he drowned Where geriatric paranoia manifested Where childhood boogeymen lurked under rafts Divers’ capillaries were jade Poem: "The Tumbling of Time Like Weeds in the Body" by Logan Roberts Mar 3, 2023 Poetry A variety of fools bolt soup to judgment through a straw, beating a field as exercise. Sweat beads oxidize, a favorable ideology, contorted Poem: "Rock My Laurels" by Carson Jordan Mar 2, 2023 Poetry put your breath back it’s perfectly good enough no big complaints close but no cigar god makes me a vessel for no trust no dents holy tights and a Poem: "brand new super-fund site" by A. Redwood Mar 1, 2023 Poetry for East Palestine, OH driving past the new super-fund site, I note the signage— Pardon Our Dust, Under Review, Coming Soon, DO NOT ENTER— we are Welcome to Uzumaki [Anything for a Weird Life] Feb 28, 2023 Columns A girlfriend once said to me “Experimental music? That’s a stupid name for it. Isn’t all music an experiment?" Submit.7 Feb 27, 2023
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