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"I've Got Mine: Notes on Neil Young's 'Motion Pictures (For Carrie)'" by Johanna Sommer In 1974 Neil Young was at the tail end of his relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress. “Motion Pictures (for Carrie)” is just one song regarding Sep 29, 2023 Music & Criticism
"I've Got Mine: Notes on Neil Young's 'Motion Pictures (For Carrie)'" by Johanna Sommer Sep 29, 2023 Music & Criticism In 1974 Neil Young was at the tail end of his relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress. “Motion Pictures (for Carrie)” is just one song regarding Three poems by Jenkin Benson Sep 28, 2023 Poetry a truck drove through a kum & go some red some throat drunk off-couth broke gland he pooled pantera tat out the Review: Carpet Cocoon by Iceblink Sep 27, 2023 Music & Criticism Christian Best of Smoke Bellow revisits a 2020 favorite "Kathy draws a line" by Will Bindloss Sep 26, 2023 Fiction Today Kathy came to me with a problem and I asked her to draw a graph. The problem we can get to later. Let’s start with the graph I made her draw. Whartscape: A Look Back [Anything for a Weird Life] Sep 26, 2023 Columns As Baltimore City wades through the remnants of a tropical storm no one could have predicted as statistically likely and begins to process a "The More Broken Someone Seems, the More We See Ourselves in Them" by Justin Karcher Sep 25, 2023 Poetry Wrestling is a lot like poetry or should I say poetry is a lot like wrestling, how you start off emulating the greats, young and half-naked in spiral poem by aeon ginsberg Sep 22, 2023 Poetry At a certain point seeing is believing but we hold the holes gifted into our body like children raised or gifted to us in ways that only trauma can gift something. The Weather Report with Juliette Sandoval [#12] Sep 22, 2023 Columns Introspection looks something like an autopsy. I watch from above and take note, in the wings of the operating theater. You could come closer and Two poems by Jenna Jaco Sep 21, 2023 Poetry I am coming forward. I admit to having retconned the intent of my famous giant orchid-colored oil pastel scribbles. They are not Connecting To "Manscape" by Jon Doughboy Sep 20, 2023 Fiction I go to my manscaper, a Somali named Pedro who cashed out his landscaping company in Málaga after he killed a man in Ceuta over a straight flush Three micros by Addison Zeller Sep 19, 2023 Fiction The birds gave up singing: now they write short stories. In trees, in bushes, on power lines the sentences run from tersely direct to syntactically Artscape: A Look Back [Anything for a Weird Life] Sep 19, 2023 Columns This week Tim looks back at Artscape, a legendarily mismanaged Baltimore institution. Sculpting Golems and Fog Machines Working Overtime: Interview with Anna Krivolapova, Author of Incurable Graphomania Sep 18, 2023 Interviews In a Goodreads review of Incurable Graphomania by Anna Krivolapova I compared her to “Patricia Highsmith with an up-to-date pharmacology textbook "I Knew You When You Aspired to the Biologic Imagination" by Juliette Sandoval Sep 15, 2023 Visual Art a new photo series from BRUISER's resident meteorologist "Two Micros: First Shift, Second Shift" by Jess Gallerie Sep 14, 2023 Fiction On day three of a sacred routine, Mae dabs four globs of WD-40 on their forehead, nose, and chin, and thinks: THIS IS ME NOW. They scrub into a "imagine, if you will, that i am dissociating" by nat raum Sep 13, 2023 Poetry this is disjointed this is fragmented this is coded this is unclear this is called dissociation and if you think i can explain it while caught in from "In Between Snow and Blossom" by Jacelyn Yap Sep 13, 2023 Visual Art IG: @jacelyn.makes.stuff "as Sensationism" by evelyn bauer Sep 12, 2023 Poetry devour glut & gormandize something flavorless & grey the ocelots have been franchised & now serve a variety of lukewarm blueberry muffins at Men's Recovery Project, or The Pain of Being Pioneers [Anything for a Weird Life] Sep 12, 2023 Columns On Sunday, July 17th, 1994, I made my way to Richmond, Virginia to see my friends’ band open up for Bikini Kill. In 1994, pre-Internet, info was Two poems by Rob Kempton Sep 11, 2023 Poetry What we do in the kitchen light dipping in bushes, to stay human: in thrift stores for Marley Marl mixes. Take pills and tchotchkes. Listen for
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