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"Lightning" by Jackson Rezen Sep 8, 2023 Fiction Clouds rolled in. The pressure dropped leaving a heaviness in the air. John could feel the electricity tingling the damp hairs along his arms. It "Where I Fold in Half" by Erin Smith Sep 8, 2023 Fiction I watch the ash drift to the ground and imagine myself buried, naked and hairless, in a volcanic plume. Bald body curled up and covered in sulfurous Three poems by Scout Faller Sep 7, 2023 Poetry whatever what the fuck. i’m with rimbaud we don’t give a wut. i go to the beach and i fuck i fuck the beach. okay whatever we’re fighting. every "Shark Poem" by Lexie Mountain Sep 7, 2023 Poetry I put on my good eyebrows for this medically induced two-day coma? Send me to rehab! Our lookbook for this season is the smell of rolling Two wrestling erasures by Josh Shepard Sep 6, 2023 Poetry We bring a level of violence like nobody does. - Jay Briscoe, September 2017 hellsmoke, hellsmoke. question, question. why? i’ll Two poems by Aderet Fishbane Sep 6, 2023 Poetry Three bitches emerge from sleek turf entirely naked, with irrelevant genitals: unborn, promotional, green. Green gonads?! The press is up in What I Did on my Summer Vacation [Anything for a Weird Life] Sep 5, 2023 Columns Hello my name is Tim Kabara and I am going to write about what I did on my summer vacation. I filed my last BRUISER column on Memorial Day weekend. The Weather Report with Juliette Sandoval [#11] Sep 1, 2023 Columns I can hear the earth breathing. The land comes alive, the flowers bloom after having their fill of the rain. The gnats are ecstatic. In my mind’s "window offerings" by Ceci Webb Aug 30, 2023 Poetry waking life is as thin as the dawn—broken, blue, moon lying in a tattered whole, the light opened and needle-etched onto my eyelids: frailty "Sweet Talk" by Ron Riekki Aug 29, 2023 Fiction “Wait, so you’ve all done heroin?” Nods all around. We’re in Ferndale. No ferns, no dale, far as I can see, but I can’t see far out the window, Two poems by Owen Paul Edwards Aug 28, 2023 Poetry Carrot is the fruit of all vegetable. I am the crab claw of fingerless fishermen, cleaver that married a truck spider. If I remain mediocre in "How I Broke the Quiz" by by Daniel I. Clark Aug 24, 2023 Fiction shared by @Jemnai to /getoutofjailfree on 72.3rd/4.59 I’m your typical Farm brat: low ambition, middling intellect, but plenty of patience (or call "Errata" by Noah Rymer Aug 23, 2023 Fiction It teemed like a black mass of beetles, constantly swarming in place. It was roughly the average size of a human female, so just half a foot shorter "Meanwhile the Romance of the Chemistry Fizzled Out" by Joshua Martin Aug 22, 2023 Poetry Rip van Wrinkle, the dilated eyes, and the puffy nuisances largely avoided by the masterfully ponderous motion sensors. Rip dreamed of fluff. No Three poems by Eve Young Aug 21, 2023 Poetry My mind seems to be at peace. Red ruby stone, and wild roses begin to bloom on the lower branches of the trellis. They bloom against a dark The Weather Report with Juliette Sandoval [#10] Aug 18, 2023 Columns The window is being disassembled right before my eyes. I pass another hothouse summer, in here, under glass. I am waiting for the orchids to bloom. "Ham Salad" by KNOX Aug 17, 2023 Visual Art IG: @dirtattraction The Weather Report with Juliette Sandoval #9 Aug 11, 2023 Columns There is a river of light cutting through the underground. The fields are being laid out and planned and planted. The drivers spit out the seeds Three poems by Peter Gutierrez Aug 10, 2023 Poetry lay your hands on the brakes, these eyes, gentle imperatives all the way ’round, do this/ do that, and be sure to order another round for the "A Eulogy for the Secretary of the Cleveland Chapter of the Violet Myers Fan Club's Cock" by Jon Doughboy Aug 9, 2023 Fiction As secretary for the Cleveland Chapter of the Violet Myers Fan Club, I obviously wasn’t first choice for Violet’s Brazzers exclusive series “Violet Next page