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Prose Poem: "Gazing at the Ground" by Fortune Amor Feb 27, 2023 Poetry The dagger-toothed moon had scavenged the sun and play-tired hungry children who I confused for ghosts traipsed towards obscure shadows. Distant Three poems by Emily Van Ryn Feb 24, 2023 Poetry She tumble-clunks down the stairs of her rickety house and sits frozen at the bottom. She looks at me, locked and frazzled. Weary. Jaw tight but Review: One Person Holds So Much Silence by David Greenspan Feb 23, 2023 Poetry & Criticism This debut collection by David Greenspan slowly but surely brings into view something — though one cannot say exactly what, at first — about the Image series: Love Notes by Evangeline Gallagher Feb 23, 2023 Visual Art IG: @evangelinegallagher Twitter: @egallagher_art Three poems by Hana Kobayashi Shapiro Feb 22, 2023 Poetry Step 1: Start with the word, in conversation, but beware, the narrowed branches of the decision tree stoops under some towering stone giant — a Past, Present, and Future [Anything for a Weird Life] Feb 21, 2023 Columns Tim scans the changing tides Poem: "Zuma Beach (That Face When, That Feel When)" by Z.H. Gill Feb 20, 2023 Poetry HEY! It’s me again, your old sestina’d friend, electric still as always, me that Was the first to find the map to lead me out your eyes, your eyes "Pink Sestina" by Giovanni Feb 17, 2023 Poetry It’s too bad our sun doesn’t go to sleep in Lake Michigan. I’d have reason to spend every evening on the beach. Yesterday, I watched the sunset with Visual Poem: "Choreography for an Apocalypse" by curtis emery Feb 16, 2023 Poetry & Video a poetry performance visualizer written and composed by curtis emery IG: @prosodic_goo/@dthcltsnd Fiction: "You're Gonna Buy My Old Wooden Table" by Gerard Butler Jr. Feb 15, 2023 Fiction This is an old wooden table. Round. Old. Made of wood. Deserving of respect. Reverence, even. And for you to claim that it doesn’t “match” your How to Use Spotify [Anything for a Weird Life] Feb 14, 2023 Columns We know you've heard vinyl is making a comeback, but what about streaming music? How does that work? Four prose poems by Howie Good Feb 13, 2023 Poetry but find only a crew that parachuted into a Neverland after their plane was shot down last century during World War II…a couple arguing in the Fiction: "The Rabbi, His Dominatrix and Me" by Emma Burger Feb 10, 2023 Fiction How does it go again? A rabbi walks into a sex dungeon. He finds a shiksa that looks just like me, held together by leather and lace. When he wraps Tilly by Denny Kemps [Baltimore Sound Document] Feb 9, 2023 Music Working from his home studio in the small town of Alstead, New Hampshire, Denny Kemps is letting his music breathe. Prose poem: "(The Dream Where) I Break His Teeth and He Pays For My Medical Bill" by E.M. Lark Feb 8, 2023 Poetry I am braver there. These bastards do not scare me. Their voices do not crack the foundations of a home I have fought to keep together. Their names I Hear Vinyl is Making a Comeback [Anything for a Weird Life] Feb 7, 2023 Columns Is it, though? Fiction: "(P) and (Q) by Dr. Darbus Richards" by Matt Gillick Feb 6, 2023 Fiction Remember to mind your (p)’s and (q)’s: an elementary saying that no one seems to know much about. There are several disputes regarding the saying’s Fiction: "Academic" by Arzhang Zafar Feb 3, 2023 Fiction My flesh wilts. I laugh. I have given up keeping time, but now am reminded of its passage by my own decay. The cruelty of inevitability engorges my Reflex of Purpose by Ugly Urges [Baltimore Sound Document] Feb 2, 2023 Music Scene stalwart June Jollay's solo effort digs deep Image Series: Selections from Pixelated Concrete by Jared Nagel Feb 2, 2023 Visual Art Illustrator Jared Nagel's renderings of brutalist buildings Next page