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"Great Plains Sin-Eater Vs. Denimpup Gravelsinger" by Rifke Vatsaas Jan 31, 2024 Poetry Bonny thunderhead o’ seams all up moment caught thirst yr left fist some bundle some thick cottoned faggy clavicle dragged just a inch closer to yr "Pillows in Gomorrah" by Aqeel Parvez Jan 30, 2024 Poetry we carry dreams so long but upon birth they are already eviscerated infants of cot death so death to the cities that kill artists crippled by Impressions of Disturbin' The Peace 2024: Day One [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 30, 2024 Columns It is 10 AM the day after Day One of the Fest, and my body and my mind are reeling. What I did, essentially, was stand alone in the back area of Two poems by C.R. Colby Jan 26, 2024 Poetry "How to Get Good at World of Warcraft" and "Missouri Dark" "The Big Light" by Joshua Vigil Jan 25, 2024 Fiction When Phillip and Althea reached the front of the food pantry line, they were again talking about the bright lights they’d seen roving over the Distorted Transmissions: an Interview with Baltimore Painter Marybeth Chew Jan 24, 2024 Visual Art & Interviews Jess Bither talks with Marybeth Chew about process, play and movies. Three poems by Joshua Calvano Jan 23, 2024 Poetry the trail of blood leaves a pitter pattered path to the stall door at the sink you pull your teeth out counting dollar after dollar a gurgling mush In Praise of ROCKER [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 23, 2024 Columns Now is the winter of our discontent. First Bandcamp, now Pitchfork. A universe of eulogies, think pieces, and final heckles swirl around this newly Return to Sender by Nam Hoang Tran Jan 19, 2024 Visual Art a 21-image series An Essay on Morgenrede's Abuser by Z.H. Gill Jan 19, 2024 Poetry & Criticism Z.H. Gill on the new book by transgressive poet Morgenrede Three poems by kyrah gomes Jan 17, 2024 Poetry Tell me what to do when green grass nips at your ankles like little beasts. No one at the gas station checks their blind spots, every fat heart "All the group sex I wasn’t invited to" by Jordan Ferensic Jan 16, 2024 Poetry In a house somewhere, someone is getting fucked. A love story is beginning and ending itself, Good Days by SZA plays airily from a phone tipped into Tape World: Death Grips, Exmilitary CS [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 16, 2024 Columns Tim remembers the early shock of Death Grips' debut mixtape "Canine" by Rhys Jan 12, 2024 Fiction canine /ˈkeɪnʌɪn,ˈkanʌɪn/ adjective adjective: canine relating to or resembling a dog or dogs. “canine behavioural problems” ZOOLOGY relating to "Household Spelunker" by Abbie Doll Jan 11, 2024 Fiction Okay, yes, I admit it. I did a dive into the dog’s water dish. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have to tell you. Fine, look, always wanted to try it out, Two poems by Mallory Payne Jan 10, 2024 Poetry there’s a cicada on the porch callin’ me back home but i refused to open the glass door and this morning it died belly up in my ashtray drowning in In Praise of the Matinee Show [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 9, 2024 Columns I kept confusing people. I said I was going to a matinee. They thought I meant a movie. But the band Body Farm was returning to town and they were New Zines for 2024 Jan 8, 2024 BRUISER closed out 2023 on a high note, with a standing-room-only reading to celebrate the release of Anna K. Crooks’ girl poems, which is still Review: Ticket to Fame by Decisive Pink Jan 5, 2024 Music & Criticism Christian Best highlights a 2023 favorite "Ghost Disco" by C.G. Dominguez Jan 4, 2024 Nonfiction After the fact, I think it’s normal to catalog the things I didn’t have time to say to you. This kind of thinking forms a common self-soothing Next page