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Some Things are the Same Everywhere [BRUISER Field Report] May 13, 2024 Music the bruiser-in-chief attends a punk gig in Osaka, Japan. BRUISER ZINE 005: Foul Black Rookeries by David Simmons May 10, 2024 a collection of stories steeped in Baltimore grime "Bilbao" (for Richard Serra) by Damon Hubbs May 9, 2024 Poetry for Richard Serra Structures on the streets demand revisionary ratios. The crisis and breathing of space in motion zeroes and corridors your Beyond Periphery by Ada Pelonia May 8, 2024 Fiction Blood pools in the sink, and Brie flumps onto the tiled floor. Her whimpers echo around the large bathroom, bereft of joy and dancing footsteps that Mayday [Anything for a Weird Life] May 7, 2024 Columns It is clear: we are so back. In Baltimore City, every weekend and weekday there are multiple cultural events to choose to attend this month. This "Drones Drones Drones" by Aaron Roman May 2, 2024 Poetry Drones drones drones mimic pure tiger code as the soldiers dig their heels in time, ready for forever violence as spider-y explosions line their Review: White Paint Falling Through a Filtered Shaft by Adam Johnson May 2, 2024 Poetry & Criticism Colin Gee reviews the 2022 collection from poet Adam Johnson "Buckskin Jacket." by Noam Hessler May 1, 2024 Poetry I was so young, outside the VFW. There was a drift of snow, outside the VFW, and when I was fifteen I’d lie in that drift spread-eagle, my feathers A User's Guide to Universal Order of Armageddon (Numero 221) [Anything for a Weird Life] Apr 30, 2024 Columns Tim's notes on Numero Group's double vinyl release of the indispensible Baltimore hardcore band's underappreciated catalog. "Sepulcherality" by Cora Kircher Apr 26, 2024 Poetry I have a good example: it was on Saturday my mother and I picking out grave plots next to each other in the natural burial section of the Rosendale “Barricade” by Will Marsh Apr 25, 2024 Fiction This morning, God shows up at my parents’ house, and before I can even open the front door, he’s rattling off instructions: “We cut strips from an from Saturn Returns by Ashley E Walters Apr 24, 2024 Visual Art & Poetry selections from Walters' mixed-media zine Fear Eats the Soul: Reflections on a Masterpiece Apr 11, 2024 Nonfiction Rhys Delany digs into Fassbinder's 1974 drama Ali: Fear Eats the Soul BRUISER ZINE 004: Saturn Returns by Ashley E Walters Apr 10, 2024 Google searches are poems. Spam emails are poems. Being lost is a poem. Everything reflects some part of me back to myself. It’s all kind of embarrassing. Tape World: O.K. Let's Rock with... Nirvana Apr 9, 2024 Columns Tim returns to Tape World to examine a mysterious Nirvana bootleg "Deconsecrators" by Terence Hannum Apr 5, 2024 Fiction a story from Hannum's collection Our Dead Age, a companion piece to Locrian's new album End Terrain. "Pottery Fragment, early 21st century" by Jennifer Stark Apr 4, 2024 Fiction You kill the ignition and pull on your waders, crunch the stones along the foreshore of the river. We see you looking. We see you with your hands on Review: Semibegun's Shitty Music on Tape and I Loved You a Lot Apr 4, 2024 Music & Criticism Jordan Barger dives into the new cassette from Heather Mease's multifaceted Semibegun project "Octopus Facts" by Chris Heavener Apr 3, 2024 Fiction Best practice is to tell a new recruit about the octopuses when his first assignment is already underway, the shoreline shrinking into the horizon. On the Importance of Infrastructure [Anything for a Weird Life] Apr 2, 2024 Columns Tim illuminates the importance of our unseen support structures Next page