Poetry by Alexandra Naughton

What’s Different Between You and Me is You’re Going to Hell When You Die

I walk around my three-story
stucco covered brick row home
with no vestibule
looking like butter wouldn’t melt in my cunt
I mean my mouth
I just put that there to make sure
you’re paying attention

maybe I have a character problem
a perception problem
it’s really a you-problem
you see I look morose
stuck up
but I’m actually extremely affable
I mean ineffable

forgive me father for I have sinned
I have coveted a treacherous man
I have method acted my way
into compliance
only reading and watching the scenes that I’m in
so I can say you’re good
not knowing the full truth
not really lying.

Making Masks of Girls Who Took Their Faces Off

remember the things you told me
in the dreams I have and don’t have
everything we only talked about
written down on a refrigerator list
photocopied and handed out as party favors
in a hallway
outside of an empty classroom
with paper all over the floor
that we kicked around in a makeshift game
to distract from the voices outside screaming

whose shindig was it anyway

to confess and be confessed to
negatively and positively
kneeled and stripped down on the wet floor
shadows sharpened by too bright fluorescents
the neighborhood church choir hummed
A Hymn For The Things We Didn’t Do

we can’t see them but know they’re there

I lean over now to tell you a story
my throat a lump of dried silt
you look at the ceiling
all I can think is, oh my god it’s me again

saying something enough times
can make it true in a way

you exit to the left
stage left
my left
leave it up to interpretation
run your fingers along its vagrancies

Alexandra Naughton

Twitter: @alexandranaught
IG: @alexandranaughton

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