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Fiction: "Academic" by Arzhang Zafar Feb 3, 2023 Fiction My flesh wilts. I laugh. I have given up keeping time, but now am reminded of its passage by my own decay. The cruelty of inevitability engorges my Fiction by Corey Qureshi Jan 25, 2023 Fiction The start of a week in late June. The shirt’s plain, loose, and white, unimportant enough to risk the filth of cleaning a building. Dropped ceiling Notes on Dhalgren by Bill Jan 24, 2023 Fiction & Criticism Bill gives us some notes on his recent reading of Samuel R. Delany's seminal, divisive novel DHALGREN. Fiction: "How High the Moon" by David Hay Jan 23, 2023 Fiction 5 His plane landed in Manchester. He loved the feeling of those first moments when the wheels met the ground and the slight jolt it gave you, as if Fiction: "Bloodletting on E. 43rd Street" by Kat Giordano Jan 19, 2023 Fiction i don’t think i’ll ever stop writing that story of us at the party. you know. the one where i kick my boots off in the mudroom off your kitchen and Fiction: "The Rain Made Nudity Impossible" by David Kuhnlein Jan 16, 2023 Fiction I wanted to stay friendly enough to get called on the phone and, from time to time, fucked. Having feelings only takes a bit of practice. And, for Fiction: "Angel" by JA Koster Jan 5, 2023 Fiction The half-naked girl is sitting on the edge of the curb, smoking. She’s right ahead of me, which is great because it gives me something to aim for. I Audiobook: "The Goat Man" by Todd Cage Dec 12, 2022 Fiction An experimental piece of audio-fiction by Baltimore's Todd Cage in collaboration with Flynn DiGuardia Fiction: "Dots" by Alex Antiuk Dec 1, 2022 Fiction I knew at any moment during lunch I could be pushed by the wind, or slip getting back up, and that would be that. I actually didn’t mind the "The BRUISER Staff and All Their Special Sticks" by Z.H. Gill (LA Loser) Nov 21, 2022 Fiction BRUISER M. makes a graphic for the poem “Resurrected Concrete” by Z.H. Gill. BRUISER M. posts the poem “Resurrected Concrete” by Z.H. Gill, along Fiction: "Uncle Simms" by Sy Holmes Nov 17, 2022 Fiction My Uncle Simms lives alone out in the country. My Uncle Simms doesn’t drink, but he smokes. Uncle Simms went to correspondence bible college. I "What Godot Forgot" by Erwin Dink Nov 14, 2022 Fiction Show, sitting on a low fly, hurts trying to gone off his ground, ditch hurt at it with both. ESTRAGON panting Moment peers up, you know. Tries hard Fiction: "St. Thomas Memory Care Facility" by Sean Ogilvy Nov 11, 2022 Fiction The bridge of Walter’s nose is terminally scarred and bleeding from where his glasses have cut him after walking into his door each morning. Every Fiction: "Nomadic" by George Oliver Nov 2, 2022 Fiction The world changed that day. Isolation became insulation; ruin became disrepair. At least in terms of Gertrude Tarrow’s understanding of it. Her Fiction: "I became a different person" by Tony Rauch Oct 31, 2022 Fiction I know people who go through changes (some brought on by external forces, some by accident, some by design, some gradual, some that stick, others Fiction: "some more reasons why denby trashed your place" by Tony Rauch Oct 26, 2022 Fiction The blue sky. The wind swirling in the leaves A platypus in the yard. A mysterious looking platypus A girl who moves away A girl he sees from time Fiction: "Sprinkles" by Alex Antiuk Oct 21, 2022 Fiction “What do-ya-do while you wait?” Jimmy asked. He was chewing with his mouth open, on a day old garlic knot the chef said he could have. Jimmy had Fiction: "A Haunting Manifestation of Musicals Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber" by James Callan Oct 17, 2022 Fiction The old lady who lives in the mansion has 1,000 cats. How many litter boxes she has, no one knows but herself and the ten hundred felines who use Fiction: "The Bad Cowboy" by Michael R. Colangelo Oct 10, 2022 Fiction The interior of the mall lawyer’s office is barren and cold and dark. Plain beige walls with strips of painter’s tape left on the door frames. Susan Prose: "Waiting Room" by Frank A. Esparros Oct 3, 2022 Fiction So this is where you start, ass planted in a blue plastic chair and eyes squinting into a room bathed in fluorescent light, terrible, and the worst Fiction: "The Pit" by Elyn Turne Sep 20, 2022 Fiction There’s no spiral and no staircase, and for those who are sentenced to work on this project there’s no way out. Such as myself. I’ve grown nostalgic Fiction: "The Shape of a Parked Car at Lunch" by Elliot Swain Sep 15, 2022 Fiction But I have to feed the meter! Yet this email chain has gone subcutaneous. “Don’t scratch it,” Walinda barks as she ambles past the plaster wall of Fiction: "The Quarterly" by Tim Paggi Sep 13, 2022 Fiction Out of respect to the departed, we refrained from cheering when the quarterly results arrived that May, and yet radiating waves of pride rippled Fiction: "Jump Rope" by Jonathan Tuttle Sep 2, 2022 Fiction One end of a jump rope is tied to a sidewalk barrier outside the hotel doors, and the other end is tied to another jump rope, which in turn is tied Fiction: "Mold" by Jonathan Tuttle Aug 31, 2022 Fiction Each night a mold developed around her retainer, blooming from the gap between the plastic halves. She awoke to dime-sized patches of green fur Fiction: "Construction" by Jonathan Tuttle Aug 29, 2022 Fiction A new bridge, deep in the county, would complete the beltway. The crew arrived a few hours after sunset to remove the forms from the second pair of