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Two poems by Phoebe O'Dell Feb 1, 2023 Poetry The uneasiness of My indecisiveness Of rekindling This back and forthness As if the smooth ingest of a rail does sooth I take another shot That Scene Report : Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 31, 2023 Columns The first preview of Tim's book-in-process about the Baltimore Music and Arts Underground spring 1993 - fall 2016. This passage covers a surprise Dan Deacon show at the Crown. DANGER FOREVER Jan 30, 2023 RIP Sarah Danger. We'll miss you. Image Series: Tunnel Story by EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Jan 27, 2023 Visual Art a narrative collage series by the shadowy EMPTYCOLLECTIVE Grimdark Invocations Against the Demons of Reality by Tim Paggi [Mixtape] Jan 26, 2023 Music & Mixtapes A collection of howling hymns to get you through the bleak midwinter Fiction by Corey Qureshi Jan 25, 2023 Fiction The start of a week in late June. The shirt’s plain, loose, and white, unimportant enough to risk the filth of cleaning a building. Dropped ceiling Notes on Dhalgren by Bill Jan 24, 2023 Fiction & Criticism Bill gives us some notes on his recent reading of Samuel R. Delany's seminal, divisive novel DHALGREN. Haunted by a Friendly Ghost: The Return of The Hated [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 24, 2023 Columns “On April 18, 1918, a meeting was held at the home of Joseph Urban of Earleigh Heights for the purpose of establishing a Volunteer Fire Department.” Fiction: "How High the Moon" by David Hay Jan 23, 2023 Fiction 5 His plane landed in Manchester. He loved the feeling of those first moments when the wheels met the ground and the slight jolt it gave you, as if Poem: "Simplification of a Dart Gun Tropical Gymnasium" by Joshua Martin Jan 20, 2023 Poetry You grave a conceded forcefield the stock market conceded in the yard of lighter fluid spider brushes spoken like a truly anticlerical autopsy Fiction: "Bloodletting on E. 43rd Street" by Kat Giordano Jan 19, 2023 Fiction i don’t think i’ll ever stop writing that story of us at the party. you know. the one where i kick my boots off in the mudroom off your kitchen and Five tarot poems by Arumandhira Howard Jan 18, 2023 Poetry variety looks like: lying :: :: to the uber driver about my :: :: blood. it’s never about the :: :: wigs matting under the Recent Show Observations [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 17, 2023 Columns Tim Kabara went to two very different shows in the first weeks of the new year. Fiction: "The Rain Made Nudity Impossible" by David Kuhnlein Jan 16, 2023 Fiction I wanted to stay friendly enough to get called on the phone and, from time to time, fucked. Having feelings only takes a bit of practice. And, for Three Poems by Noam Hessler Jan 13, 2023 Poetry 5 mph 50 miles to anchorage, commute / tainted eyes running toxic / fat caterpillar, / Grub Trucker, / frito-lay logo blaring yellow / white winter Bronze Opportunity EP by Weird Artifacts [Baltimore Sound Document] Jan 12, 2023 Music Jason Aud's home recording project collects odds and ends from previous album sessions. Poem: "Kuolema on lehmä (Oui, la mort est une vache), Part I" by Ron Riekki Jan 12, 2023 Poetry Death is a liquor store. What I mean by that is I have hemorrhoids. Is that how you pronounce it? My uncle told me about doing construction and Four poems by Claire Rychlewski Jan 11, 2023 Poetry On honeymoon At the Mall of America Tropical paradise Twin City treasure Pink in the rearview Girlfriend experience Dizzy at the fragrance bar Found Sound Reviews [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 10, 2023 Columns If you would like your release to be reviewed by Tim Kabara, donate it to a local thrift store. Two Poems by Nate Hoil Jan 9, 2023 Poetry It is good to be here!! And not there, wherever you are. I have alienated myself from civilization by launching myself up into the stars. Anyhoo… Next page