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"The What" by FM Stringer Jan 3, 2024 Poetry Carson paraphrases, hell’s as deep as the sun is high You say (or was it me?) and pull another bump Off a house key’s sawtooth end, waxing: I Sing the BODY Electric [Anything for a Weird Life] Jan 2, 2024 Columns Let Tim have this one thing, please. BRUISER's 2023 Music Selections Dec 28, 2023 Music Here at BRUISER we don’t much care for ranked year-end lists, but a great deal of excellent music came out in 2023 and it’d be a shame to not shine Three prose poems by Marcus Silcock Dec 20, 2023 Poetry In Warrington, father sheared sheep. His brother raced greyhounds. They watched John Wayne on the telly. It is hard to imagine now, but the lucky In Praise of Novelty [Anything for a Weird Life] Dec 19, 2023 Columns On Wednesday, December 13th, the show’s flyers started to appear, altered, on my timeline. The venue had been crossed out and a dreaded phrase had Five poems by Ann Pedone Dec 18, 2023 Poetry Previously I had only seen it in photographs. At exactly 6:30 this morning one of the pilots in the first class lounge stood up on his chair and December Shows at the Compound Dec 18, 2023 Music Post-COVID, only a few Baltimore DIY venues remain, and the Compound is one of the best. Moving forward, we’ll be sharing their monthly event In Praise of Repetition [Anything for a Weird Life] Dec 12, 2023 Columns Imagine a crowd gathered, chanting, one person leading the chant below over a bullhorn. “What do we want?” “Small, incremental but meaningful "Vanquish" by Dorothy Lune Dec 11, 2023 Poetry My torso diced him like crowds of mercy, body as an inhospitable microphone that amplifies colour– take in my open gut, the smell of blood sausages "Virtuoso" by Sean Kilpatrick & Christopher Parks Dec 8, 2023 Fiction after Clifford D. Simak This obstreperous philharmonic effrontery derogating an audience, this persiflage trained between wines — each and every "Otherwise" by Robert Stone Dec 7, 2023 Fiction A bead of moisture struggles stubbornly down the pane of hot glass. Its progress, if it is correct to think of progress in this regard, is inhibited "Our Last Day With Orange" by Shauna Friesen Dec 6, 2023 Fiction Tomorrow the god is shutting off orange. We have already lost red on account of our wickedness. Our blood runs black as crude-oil when we are cut. Impressions of Acme Corporation's The Lights Went Out Because of a Problem [Anything for a Weird Life] Dec 5, 2023 Columns With the lights out, it's less dangerous "Rian Pecker has Never Made a Perfect Road" by Gram Hummell Dec 4, 2023 Poetry So much of your life seems to surround Brokering allowances Ascertaining the heights of buildings For the first time They comfortably sit in vision "Bittersweet" by Joshua Vigil Dec 1, 2023 Fiction It was that time of year when the Japanese bittersweet strangled the elms that drowned Lorraine’s yard. During the summer months, she’d dock my rent Two photos by Paige McGill Nov 30, 2023 Visual Art IG: @paigemcgilll 2023 Pushcart Nominations Nov 29, 2023 Our submissions for the Pushcart Prize Tape World: Evil Spirits S/T Cassette [Anything for a Weird Life] Nov 28, 2023 Columns Tim's Proustian remembrance of Baltimore Past, spurred by a 2009 noise-sludge cassette "Warpig" by Anthony Neil Smith Nov 27, 2023 Fiction Warpig don’t care what you think of his mullet. People here in Minnesota call it “hockey hair” but Warpig never gave one shit about hockey except The Thanksgiving Truce Holds...for Now [Anything for a Weird Life] Nov 21, 2023 Columns It is that time of the year again. The “last show for a while” local band shows have happened, the “in town for the holidays” one-off shows are Next page