Poetry by Carson Jordan

Tutto Passa

it’s a blessing and a curse to be moved by nothing

haphazardly, my leasts come of it

that night, I call up to the woman with the art deco balcony facing the park

how do I get a life like yours

“you work really hard” she says and flicks her cigarette butt

I lived for Fridays and the swell of sound at the threshold

where Chaos and Babylon wet kiss at the bar

I walk on and resist the country desire to clean my plate

my own desires don’t impress me because they have been stupid

they confuse need with want, and all I need is a wash

the oily duck with blue dawn

I’ll hang out in the wound of things before they heal

pray for rain

who’s the pig in shit

Carson Jordan

Twitter: @jarsonmccullers
IG: @cahhhhson

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