Poetry by Joshua Calvano

On Company Time

the trail of blood
leaves a pitter pattered path
to the stall door
at the sink you pull your teeth out
counting dollar after dollar
a gurgling mush
of words comes out of your mouth
stomach growls
as i press my hand to open the stall door
more gurgling and clicking
as you drop your teeth down the drain
behind the stall door i can hear
the sound of your sucking and gurgling
of blood mixing with spit
“i don’t need this shit”
as i push the door open and flee

Signed and Sealed

the voices wash over me
what contract am i
signing myself up for
hubba bubba gum
wrapped in wax paper
whats the joke of the day
this face will do
where is the paper work
ill get this thing signed
and sealed
like putting an end
to a horrible curse
happy ending to
a horror movie

Barbs in Your Mouth

Smoke spews from my mouth, there is fire behind my throat
Drooling Gasoline
there is too much heat
smoke damage to the soul
the most truthful words
cut like barbs in your mouth

Joshua Calvano

Twitter: @wutadisaster
IG: @wutadisaster

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