Poetry by David Hay


Good lord, this is a spineless wreck of a man.

Worrying but definitely comical

Filthy mouth, dirty tongue–
Shows an obvious lack of respect for hygiene

He is addled no doubt
by Freudian demons,

The mind must be a catalogue of perversity.

Dead by 25.

Look at his eyes they never sit still

To transcribe his delusions?

Oh dear

His privates are nothing to speak of,

The penis must always return
To its flaccid state

Stare at him until he
internalizes our judgement

Embarrassed by bodily functions.
Note it down.

Thoughts are equal to actions

Watch him, his internal monologue
has done a runner

Grub his brain and
Let him take his nourishment

Mark one of your cocktails
He’s looping anyway

Get a cigar ready and a segment of orange
Put Charlie Parker on
And put some vomit of Kerouac in his hands

His life will be ascribed a yearly value

My daughters are depending on him.


If he wakes

The eart is still round

He feels no one loves him

He read too much Tolstoy when he was 18

Perversion comes naturally for pacifists.
His thoughts are not special

He is normal and the world
Mirrors every one of his fears

The base facts

19 and a nervous breakdown



Doctor, he has the same facial expression as a worm,

Yes I agree, quite humorous

Quite repulsive, interesting but Repulsive

If the body symbolises impurity,

Exactly Doctor. Exactly.

Dead by 25.

Give him a crayon, primary coloured and suicide proof

Enter them,

Thumb his scars (a command)

His girlfriend–well women are always disappointed.

All men are weak.

Cum flows grey like freight trains

He is still ruled by sin

Such words birth psychotics

He’ll be too much of himself for the rest of the day.

Pornographic filth has overrun his nerves

There is no cure for being a man

His age is his main illness.

He is an investment,
I’d bet my house on it.

His death will be

And full of beige roses

Console him

It still charts gravity’s path around the sun

It is always the mother

Roosevelt was right.

His illness is common and speaks not of artistic depths

The key facts

The things he knows but can’t accept


David Hay

Twitter: @arched_roadway

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