Poetry by Scout Faller

Whatever What the Fuck I Don’t Give a Fuck I’ll Fight Otessa Moshfegh

whatever what the fuck. i’m with rimbaud we don’t give a wut. i go to the beach and i fuck i fuck the beach. okay whatever we’re fighting. every girl in this world thinks, the arc of the moral universe bends toward me. a shoe full of cement. its curvature judicial. if you pop my bottle. rimbaud at the beach & he’s gonna shake me. & the models are gonna hate me. otessa in my city, what the fuck whatever reading. all the other models bottling. people are not stupid and afraid. people are not awards for writing. another year we’d pick gauntlets & piss missives. punctuated with a crossed blade. dead generations weighing, mama’s bottle tasty nightmare on my living brain. & i was made to fight every place across the landscape of this poem which is uninterested in lying. sudden and sweet. like candy. when my bottle pops shake me.

Drifting, So Like a Sail

Dead moon jelly
scallop the beach

& i’m drinking, a condition
skewing into street

displacing sleep. as a child,
i tried to fly

yeasted deleterious & laughing
emphatic muteness of bees

group life is psychotic
a flock of geese

pulling water into a barrel
under gathering sun

you float there, in the curl
the sea’s expulsive lunch

to communicate your dream
you started screaming

drifting, so like a sail
tracking when shit hits
the real, do not disclose

& do not enact its unzipped
composure, gasoline gull

covered in water
and ashamed, ambition is insane

& insanity a refusal to summons
on any day

mutable, like breathing
like laughter parting beneath a leaf
canvassing rapture

           reading rimbaud at the bar

          he’s vulgar
                       i’ve been a feckless wheedling dimwit
ripping ulcers
                  tonguing my asshole           weeping
skirt up top down
               on the freeway, a      silver convertible, weaving

and flipping, missy! being a private

          person was never really an option. it’s a brand-new day
& you are the bourgeoisie of communication

a disorganized state, infant
             eating pastrami in all pink
                 wet & inflamed, the color of latching

leeching in my brain. you say such ugly things

          immer in der Schule going blah blah blah, never learning

Scout Faller

IG: @boredgeoisie__

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