Poetry by Rifke Vatsaas

Great Plains Sin-Eater Vs. Denimpup Gravelsinger

Bonny thunderhead o’ seams
all up moment caught thirst yr left fist
some bundle some
thick cottoned
faggy clavicle dragged just a inch
closer to yr face. Drink you.

leather sole dustdrinker
just a lil

Y’know I can eat this all day   said once
you have the patience of a saint
and said else
you know   you’re a taker
& sure y’kno I’ll take a beating,

I could eat this all day. I’m round
down here for a scrap,
am patient   am   waitin
      taste the sweat
in your hand against my teeth.

Bloodsome mess made
palm crease sweat&red
river lonely canyon
yr hand   open my empty tongue

Pointer callous   worn groove
in your thumb     blood ya stowed on my lip
ya mirror you
keep chewin’ on yrs      help me
                   cuff up my sleeves.

Ya bite. Said I should meet him. The man you left me for.
Tooth echo & lips gainst bicep

Well? What are you going to do about it?

Here, clouds let past, I’ll getta see ya real soon.

N’ ya favor a haymaker but yr knuckles
taste so hard done by so   go for it n bite my tongue.
fuckngetafter it
denimpup   openmouth   pocket slinger spit
finger all over yr teeth no
my teeth.

Boneskin hand cracked
like the stone you kissed every morning out the door
on your way to school,

could eat this for            god who knows
but listen   sun
is discing down so tell me again
I’m yr baby.

When my knees hit the dirt it’ll never be
cuz I gave up.

When my knees hit the dirt
be there

Rifke Vatsaas

IG: @patiofrog

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