BRUISER Zine series

New Zines for 2024

BRUISER closed out 2023 on a high note, with a standing-room-only reading to celebrate the release of Anna K. Crooks’ girl poems, which is still available in very limited quantites.

After a short break for the holidays, we’re hitting the ground running in 2024 with five more zines and at least a few more release events:

  • Cutting Promos, a collection of erasure poems constructed from iconic wrestling promos by the Oklahoma City poet Josh Shepard. Read two of them here.
  • Founders Day, a short story by the Philadelphia writer Arzhang Zafar. Longtime BRUISER readers may remember his excellent story Academic,” which we nominated for the 2023 Pushcart Prize.
  • Saturn Returns, a mixed media zine by Los Angeles photographer and poet Ashley E. Walters.
  • Foul Black Rookeries, a collection of short stories by Baltimore horror/crime writer David Simmons, whose 2023 novel Ghosts of West Baltimore Brian Evenson described as visceral and grounded, but with a kind of ineffable strangeness wound into it.”
  • one more day on earth together & no more days in hell alone, a collaborative work from Baltimore poets and consummate bruisers Kelly Xio & Aeon Ginsberg.

Anna K. Crooks

IG: @anna_y2k

Josh Shepard

Twitter: @JoshShepard
IG: @joshshepardofficial

Arzhang Zafar

Twitter: @vomunculus

Ashley E. Walters

IG: @ashleyewalters

David Simmons

Twitter: @WholeTimeDavid
IG: @toppdogghill

Kelly Xio

IG: @ohgeography

Aeon Ginsberg

Twitter: @aeonfx
IG: @aeon.f.u.x

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