Poetry by Aaron Roman

Drones Drones Drones

Drones drones drones mimic pure tiger code as the soldiers dig their heels in time, ready for forever violence as spider-y explosions line their skulls and planes crash into acidic rivers and the umbilical cords of naked angels sprout form the ground, their fleshy others pulsating in the ash-soaked wind and the beings fall in reverse into the capsules of cybernetic leviathans ready for a holy war and they scorch the land as children and trees are swept away in a flash when all turns to liquid and the ivory tower in the castle grows under an eternal bombardment of artillery fire where in the apex the prince lies in a pile of blood and the soldiers cheer the prince is dead the prince is dead and their skeletons roam the roads as the winds signal the death of their moons and the waves collapse to usher in a new time where the past is killed and the future is reset and the present is no more.

Aaron Roman


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