Passes to His Reward

Erasure of my third-great grandfather’s obituary, published in the Henry County Weekly on November 27, 1903

          he             breathed his last

                one of the           men,
his life being         fault         before
who knew him
                   anybody     goes to
heaven, surely

                     a short while after
the civil war         he
                    In his young manhood
he was



                              was a
man, having
                                   a consid-
erable amount of property
distinctly a Christian
            in early life,

                       always found      his
place, as a leader
    of this

kingdom.   For many years he was
a steward
with loyal devotion
           more perhaps than any one
man for
                              money and
             its interests.
   It was
his family,                        his coun-
ry.   He filled his place
honor to himself
                                the record
of a noble life and                     love
   The remains
the      family
                     life    one more

William Fargason

Twitter: @williamfargason
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