Poetry by Carson Jordan

It Just Feels Good to be Honest

in winter it’s how well you walk through fire
the good you’ve done, good you’ll do
the difference between truth and confession
is naughtiness

god puts me in these positions
running my tongue over
a coal miner’s canary
the sacred and profane
sappho said once: what
cannot be said will be wept
so I lie like a rug, a funny bunny girl
a cow lash on cashmere

beauty isn’t everything
it’s not nothing either
greed and innocence hold water
leaning towards evil
for you I’ll dress in credence
try low lighting and leather
wash hair, omit something
there’s no outprettying
there’s no try, just do

in for a penny, for a pound
we’re sin bundling — our
mourning cigarette and daily
run, hitched up to cowardice
a hand bone built for punishment
a house used to be here
I’m invading your quietude
and the softest color of smoke

Carson Jordan

Twitter: @jarsonmccullers
IG: @cahhhhson

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