Poetry by Gram Hummell

Rian Pecker has Never Made a Perfect Road

So much of your life seems to surround
Brokering allowances
Ascertaining the heights of buildings
For the first time
They comfortably sit in vision
The knowing feeling when an animal
Winks at you and no other witness
Please don’t stone me for
Divulging the secret
A poem can be written to capture a month
One line every few days

Wood grain rings hold flakey peeling
Skin like callus peel on top
Your mood completely changed they jeered
You’re so conditional
Finally a good hand
“I’m drunk…” sheepishly

Now mystic generalities
You’re out of touch with something that was
A core part of your soul
The aftertaste contains
A numbing agent
Are you exorcising or coaxing out
Passion within
The map remains full of holes

Gram Hummell

Twitter: @yungmagii

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