Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

BRUISER publishes new work in all mediums — prose, poetry, image, audio, video, comix, whatever — as long as it can be shared digitally.

We are interested in genre bending, formal experimentation, critical analysis, and collaboration. We are drawn to the strange, the grotesque, the radical, the degenerate. We want work that moves forward while looking back, takes risks, steps on toes, creates discomfort.

Get weird.


  • There are no rules.
  • You’re not supposed to be happy and comfortable all the time.
  • All good art is degenerate.
  • Look back, move ahead.
  • Don’t specialize. Do everything.
  • Do not wait for an invitation.
  • Read, write, perform, repeat.
  • Genre is meaningless.
  • Nobody ever wrote a classic on purpose.


We don’t have any. Sorry.