Poetry by Lin Elizabeth

Targeted ads

Expensive jewelry.
Dollar hips.
Hand necklace.
Neon teeth.
Dinner dinner.
Lunch dinner.
Skipped breakfast.
Red eyes.
Dollar buckets.
Pole gravity.

My body.
No give.
Always want.
Saying yes.
Opens the.
Flood gates.

Familiar with.
Breaking dishes.
Warrant out.
Last name.
Charred feet.
Electric bills.
Jazz music.
Toilet bowls.
Vomit breath.
Elevator rides.
Metal baskets.
Danger looming.
Dryersheet mane.
Barbie hands.
Braided hair.
Saying no.
Is congruent.
With saying.
Yes, Poet.

Severed cloth.
Masking, tape.
Can I
Insist that
You’re here
With me.

Taste test.
Reading glasses
Hip openers.
Butterfly clusters.
Target ads.
Removal procedure.
Accessibility utensil.
Russian manicure.
Rescue procedure.

I haunt,
‘I would’
‘Like to’
Look like
My second
Grade picture,
Again, please.

Clench, release.
Guided meditation.
Baby spoon.
In mouth.
Judas Priest.
Mary’s Mother.
mouthed wound’.
Black Lilith.
Uncharted water
Unmarried Mother.
Black knees.
Dead Mother.
Helicopter ride.
Maladjusted complex.
Savior, Take.
My hands.
Make clean.
Without asking.
About harm.

Night sweats.
Am I
Allowed to
Say her
Name and
Swallow it

Lin Elizabeth

IG: @borrowedpotpourri

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