Collage and Poetry by Ashley E Walters

from Saturn Returns

The fourth volume in the BRUISER Zines series, Saturn Returns is a mixed-media collage of phone screenshots, photos, found images, and poetry by the Los Angeles-based artist and writer Ashley E Walters. Printed and assembled in Baltimore, this limited edition zine is an intimate, bittersweet meditation on the small moments and questions that accumulate over the course of existing in a mundane-yet-complex world. Order your copy now.


Written (in the stars): our animal impulses,
but we are learning to cope with them. Ages 28 to
35. The Body In Full Bloom, a swimmer fully reclined
in death or ecstasy.

Another swimmer underwater, fully submerged
upside down. The Blues’

shadow eyes seeing through a death mask,
perhaps the face of God.

nabokov im ready to become a floweret,
bruleed grapefruit, how much does kendall
jenner weigh, house made of mammoth
bones, Nearly Wild. WHEN YOU ARE LOST

A cowboy somewhere loves me. Secret sign looking
out. It’s in our favorite place,

I’m looking out too, reaching at the window. I need

Midnight Blue. can you be a monk if you have debt,
can you be a monk if you have student loa??
cheesecake nuns, how to be a hermit,
how to join a monastery.

What are you up to?
Looking at picture of the publix water tower
in the shape of a cake. Standing in the alley looking
at the cross.

Caesar’s Palace goddess looking at me, me looking
through cowboys back at her,

candle looking at itself. Pure darkness/car
window looking out into the desert.

Ashley E Walters

IG: @ashleyewalters

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