Poetry by Rifke Vatsaas

Great Plains Sin-eater Drops the Gloves

Whitefloat beneath my feet
      skate by n a blinkofaturn,
hip droppd, semicircle carvr
n I’m aftr em
shovl      in
                  the cornr.

      Sling my hands all clockcountrwise all
            six shootr reachn

      throw ya into the boards
            get rl fuckn erotic with it
lose the buckt
      lose some wind out yr

            skull to tooth, spit out somethn
                  you’ll nevr find again. Gimme      those fireworks
            bareknuckle kissr
                  gimme that bruise
            splitskin wintr leavr.

throw an elbow
      throw a party fr
            cornerbone meet cheekbone
She says      cant wait for everyone
            who’s ever hurt me to burn in hell
      meet boy’s soft face
      says I don’t know if that’s angelic      I’ll eat
            vengeance fr ya      here
                              ill eat whatevr she wants

im      gettn tangld up      extracurriculrs
            behind the play

give a brokn nose gimme a kiss
            gimme onetwothreefour
                  metacarpophalangeal mothrfuckr
                        blade ate snow
redicedrinkr whatevr ya call me

ill answr
                        the bell n ill give ya my name
wait round for a ring

n I always thought you
            wr so goddamnd soft well now a chance to test it
coward to cum crawl back
coward to never       cum back at all            my thumb n yr mouth ya’d
                        always      canine just fuckn swallow it
                                    my flesh n signatr suckr punch
      glide to the sinbin
                  hows my chirpn
I got yr numbr            I’ll keep it up

                              cough up yr shape all pressed into my cheek
            aint waitin around ill tussle ill gt rowdy realright quick
      look me n the eye
            meet me n the circle
one last time

Rifke Vatsaas


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