Poetry by Daniel J. Flosi

View from the Bluffs

the impotence of this or that god / relegated to his or her punishments / and rewards / the sullied you / grope / which requires confidence in need // the bloodied knife / a brightness of conviction // calf / half buried / in crimson knowledge // drown / the head / you worried / the stone bellows / no future / no fate / no will // no way out of this waiting / room // o how clever the virtue of some // and if you can’t reach / the heights of significance? // lost in the tongue / of tunnel / ruinous sand / a cricket-like belting hum

View from the Bean

sometimes it takes a moment. what isn’t a reflection of mine? this light burns. and we are just trying to carve some space. this release is not like that release. walleyed. the bean, reflective, postulates limb and torso. bloodless.

View from the Lens

we couldn’t help but walk right into the dust. couldn’t keep ourselves straight. the wood moth soft taps the soft hollow of your ear. and you give it. meanwhile, i put on my father’s skin. like a basket. the shallow pools of wasted. the time billowed. incomplete. incoherent. we wandered and you pull me. look, the dragonfly. it’s black and still the light. the water’s edge littered; it rises as the asthmatic day sighs. the water dancer beckons. and we were left without purpose. our moment stolen by the filtering kaleidoscope of reverberations. by the almost living selves.

Daniel J. Flosi

Twitter: @muckermaffic

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