Two Erasures for Hard Times by Josh Shepard

Josh Shepard’s zine CUTTING PROMOS is out this week. To celebrate, here are two erasures of Dusty Rhodes’ legendary Hard Times” promo from 1985. BRUISER thanks The Bureau of Complaint and cool rock repository, who previously published these poems.

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You don’t know what hard times are, daddy!”
The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes,
October 29, 1985

I know how important it was,
        the American Dream.
                I have to say the way I feel:

no respect,
        no honor amongst thieves.
                hard times around this country.

the out of work, can’t
        pay wages; can’t
                buy food.

the out of work go home.
        and a man has worked
                a job for years and they give him

hard times! that’s hard times!
        this country had hard times
                together, brother, and they know.

John Wayne’s dead
        and the Heavyweight
                belongs to these people.

the people in this country
        given this hard time blues.
                let me leave you with this:

one way to hurt is to take.
        that’s the Heavyweight.

        I been there.
                this time, I came back.

        thank god I have you!
                I love you!

                        I love you!


First of all, I would like to thank the many, many fans throughout this country that wrote cards and letters while I was down.”
The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes,
October 29, 1985

I got
      a lot:



      a computer

a brother
      the right here

my body
      the blues

the world
      and you

thank god
      I have you

Josh Shepard

Twitter: @joshshepard
IG: @joshshepardofficial

for U.S. Layoffs” was previously published by The Bureau of Complaint
“for Abundance” was previously published by cool rock repository

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