Poetry by Juliette Sandoval


The fog rolls over me
I’ve changed a hundred times
I’ll change a hundred times more

The dream itself was wet and foggy
dew clung to me
at the base of the waterfall
and the trees are so thick and green
up here the air makes memories sink down

And where are you now?

The water in the air makes me feel
nearly underwater
I’ll need a submarine to navigate
how deep the senses are currently unfolding

I feel your light as a fountain of holy water

May I take shelter under the wings of your voice?
You are peaceful like a stormy sea seen through a window.

the fountain is crystalline
the fountain is eternal
I find heaven in emerald cascades

drowning uncertain fog
the past turns to mist
as tomorrow beckons

The hidden depths of your eyes
reveal the overflowing like a fountain

The world is bathing in light
and Pierrot appeared to me in a vision
planting a rose in my heart
set to bloom when the rainbow
meets its maker

clawing at the nest
thick with gathered lapis
to be placed in a watering
land scape

I’m bursting with it!”
(heard ringing from Rainbow Tower)

Dreaming of being pollinated by beetles
green as the original Sun
as if I were a flowering magnolia

Moods changing with the atmosphere
thinning the blood and I attempt to change

when I talk my words have a tendency
to foam upon arrival

burbling under the babbling haze of relentless tides
with desires as endless as the swirling rapids

Falling asleep, diving into lost dreams
forgotten feelings which fog the morning dew

and my memories of warmth
and love, and love

I spent my youth living in a dream
will life prove to be continuously unreal?

a water-falling, cascading feeling
is emerging from the mist of last night

The room is dim and in blue light
which cuts through your soft words
and suggestions of birds and waterworks

I’m trying to name the urgency
that unfolds in the hour
when lunar moths sip tears
Can you help me?

Now the water pressure is building
much like another impulse

the fog has a way of clearing my intuition
allowing me to see things as they are
For instance: the simplicity of a reflection
in the miry stream which leads to a river
flowing into the Bridal Veil

An introduction to the game of domino
And a feel for the crisis of the hour

the bridge to love
with the waters of mutual desire



I am down here. At the base of Niagara.

I am looking for you beyond the resonant overflow.

and you pull me in
you pull me in and
you pull me in
and pull me in

Again and again
in my memory
that’s just as I remember it.

I can hear the Bell Tower
I can hear them playing our song
You know the one that goes…

Do you see how I look at you
Like a lily wanting to go under
Like a lotus blushing roses
Like an idealist turned lover
transfixed by devotion

To take a sip of this vision
which moves me
in the early morning
filling Love to the brim-

It’s always you in Niagara

Juliette Sandoval

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