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Tape World: Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation [Anything for a Weird Life] Oct 31, 2023 Columns Tim remembers a 1989 cassette purchase All This Time You Thought I Was Good: Devin Lunsford and Mark Wadley in Collaboration Oct 30, 2023 Visual Art & Interviews Notes on photography and the grotesque from a long drive along the back roads to Sand Mountain, Alabama "The Tamp Trader" by Felicia Change Oct 27, 2023 Fiction Ultra was in dire need of a tampon, the cramps a warning sign, a silent siren. Contracting and releasing with each breath. She longed to curl up in "In the Outlet Mall" by Jon Tuttle Oct 25, 2023 Fiction In the outlet mall Natalie bought two blazers, one black and one navy. The navy she wore for the first open house of her first ever listing: a "Under the Influence" by bedfordtowers Oct 24, 2023 Visual Art NYC film photo series Why Bandcamp Matters [Anything for a Weird Life] Oct 24, 2023 Columns A eulogy of sorts Three poems by Jordan Blanchard Oct 23, 2023 Poetry "Saturnian Hunger," "body is not a real thing it is" and "Instructions for Beginning Again After Mental Ruin" "Targeted ads" by Lin Elizabeth Oct 20, 2023 Poetry Expensive jewelry. Dollar hips. Hand necklace. Neon teeth. Dinner dinner. Lunch dinner. Skipped breakfast. Red eyes. Dollar buckets. Pole The Brink by Janel Leppin [BRUISER APPROVED] Oct 20, 2023 Music DC cellist Janel Leppin's new solo album "The Perfect Lawn" by James Callan Oct 19, 2023 Fiction The lawn was beyond mowing, perhaps beyond saving, a disgrace and affront to the trim and tidy expectation of a respectable community. It grew in "Superimposition" by Rebecca Gransden Oct 18, 2023 Fiction I drove through the drive thru five times because I fell asleep at the wheel and dreamed I was being indecisive on a roundabout. In the dream the "Complacency’s in the glove box of the 1959 Chevrolet Impala parked in the deep end of Nabokov’s swimming pool" by Lucas Zhou Oct 17, 2023 Poetry an apocalyptic road trip of a prose poem When should a band record in the studio? [Anything for a Weird Life] Oct 17, 2023 Columns Tim's sage advice for young bands Two poems by Claire Meniktas Oct 16, 2023 Poetry "Meat Shop" and "tangerine" Two poems by David P. Miller Oct 12, 2023 Poetry "Off the Docket" and "Too Much Fun Up There" "Warm Life" by Kate Ehrenberg Oct 11, 2023 Poetry Suddenly again that golden light bounces from asphalt–reflects flies and rising dust. Shakes off the cat and through the window. A darkened wood "Takeaway" by Lily Herman Oct 10, 2023 Poetry When the man drops my dinner off, He says, Ta, love, and I think, I’ve been waiting my entire life to understand something about myself as good and An Open Letter to the Person who Mugged Me [Anything for a Weird Life] Oct 10, 2023 Columns Hello, How are you? We met about a week ago, on a Monday evening. You know where. You were the one that was hit by a car and then heckled by the "narcissus panopticon" by aeon ginsberg Oct 6, 2023 Poetry waif waif waif waif waif if you say something enough it becomes meaningless like something that no one has ever even said before a new kind of Selections from "Burden of Protection" by Cole Wheeler Oct 5, 2023 Visual Art “Burden of Protection” is a 19-image series examining the frailty of life and space and how it can be protected or neglected. The complete series is Next page