Poetry by John Ling

I Have Never Made More than Seventy Five Dollars

No one bothered to explain

what about my dick

is so French New Wave

but I am certain

that a Shirley Temple consists

of one half cherry

one half lemon

and one half Beefeater Gin

which I have not drunk

since the Riviera

Hotel and Casino stood

like Atlas over the Las Vegas valley

and you could still marry

a second

cousin provided

you slipped the minister

a fifty dollar bill

it’s true

Thomas Hobbes has

several followers

so don’t read

any of the articles

Cosmo keeps publishing

about my skincare routine

which in no way reflects

upon my ability to lie

quietly on a pillow

with nothing

in my mouth

I am actually a happy person

every morning I consume

an affordable beverage

while reciting key

vocabulary words such as

knee high






ten inch

lock of hair on the head

of the angel whose job it is

to whisper in your ear

that love

is God

making you weak

so he can be

your protector

John Ling

IG: @johnlingmusic

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