Poetry by Cora Kircher


I have a good example:

it was on Saturday
my mother and I picking out
grave plots next to each other
in the natural burial section
of the Rosendale Cemetery
15 feet more or less
from my grandfather
and the beach trees whispering
and my mouth like a bike spoke
my mom says I hope we don’t
ever have to do another February burial
we kept cracking up

another one is when
this kid said
do you want to have a husband
and I said I don’t remember
but I don’t think so

also when we were at the bar
and you checked your phone
your face blurred in the bluelight
the thorned hairs
I want to wish on each of them

last one:
I have this horrible feeling
that I’ll die cold

Cora Kircher

IG: @corakircher

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