Poetry by Damon Hubbs


for Richard Serra

Structures on the streets demand revisionary ratios.
The crisis and breathing
of space in motion      zeroes and corridors

your hand throwing molten lead
hoisting, creasing, bending black petals to Bilbao.
And what of those tectonic plates
stored in Maryland like low rate furniture

fore-and-aft, square-rigged in ellipses
do they still deflect explosions
staggering like storm kings across the earth.

Force mapping the sensual in one ton props
twisting, rolling, heaping black boughs to Bilbao.
The institutions of art capital     uncobbled
orts and scraps, Bethlehem rubble

the terror of being
crushed by Pythagorean bird flight,
mass times acceleration
turning, tightening, hinging black bridges to Bilbao—

I press through gravity and grace.
I prow through passages     of steel and light,
slaying the Minotaur amid the air raids.

Damon Hubbs

Twitter: @damon_hubbs
IG: @damonhubbs

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